Helping Clients Achieve Their ABM Goals: Meet Megan Anderson, VP of Customer Success

ABM Behind the Scenes, a Chat with Megan Anderson

Recently, Megan Anderson Vasquez was promoted to Vice President of Customer Success at Demandbase. Previous to this, she was a Customer Success Manager for the past six years at the company, helping her clients to achieve their ABM goals. Ask the people that know her, and they will speak on Megan’s warmth and her deep partnership with her clients, always striving to do better by them.

Beth Tiltges, Director of Field & Customer Marketing at Demandbase, notes, “I have worked with Megan for close to six years, and she is the epitome of a true business partner. She does what she says she will do and has always had a focus on our customers’ success. I will never forget a Sales Kickoff where one of Megan’s customers spoke, and I watched her greet her customer with a warm smile and hug as if they had been lifelong friends. This level of partnership and shared success is a value she instills in her team as a leader.”

I sat down with Megan to chat about what she’s passionate about, what drives her in her new role, and what her outlook is for Customer Success for the rest of the year and beyond.

First, congrats on your new role as VP of Customer Success! Can you share a bit about your career path that led you to Demandbase?

I’ve been at Demandbase for about six years. Before joining Demandbase, I worked at a digital marketing agency that was just venturing into ABM. I would hear about this company, Demandbase, and how they are creating the ABM space.

Ironically, various circumstances impelled my move to the Bay Area, and I connected with Katie Layng, Vice President of Mid-Market Sales, who introduced me to the Customer Success Management (CSM) team. A week later I was interviewing, and the rest is history!

How did you get to become the head of Customer Success?

I came to join the team as an Enterprise CSM. Over the next year or so I started taking on our strategic accounts and helped to build our strategic account team at Demandbase. I focused on accounts like, Adobe, and Microsoft, gleaning many insights from my experience of managing our customers and working directly with the Demandbase ABM Platform.

After my work on the strategic accounts team, I moved into an enterprise leadership role, championing both mid-market and enterprise-sized clients.

What do you want people to know about Demandbase?

I’ve seen and experienced firsthand immense change and innovation at Demandbase, and I’ve never been more excited about the team and the product we have. Over the last six years, we have helped shape the ABM category, acquired companies (namely to bring artificial intelligence to ABM), and brought tremendous innovation to the table with the first-ever full-funnel ABM Platform and our proprietary Account-Based Advertising DSP.

Our latest acquisition is what makes me the most excited for our customers. With Demandbase and Engagio, our customers will have access to the most robust ABM Platform on the market allowing a 360-view into their prospect and customer strategy.

What are you most passionate about?

I have been in account management for over ten years. And I’ve always been passionate about being part of customer success, contributing to the strategies and actions that help them accomplish their goals and objectives. At Demandbase, it’s been extremely rewarding to see our customers grow with us as the ABM space continues to innovate and advance.

I’m passionate about seeing customer ABM strategies mature and achieve higher returns over time (which is exactly what ABM is designed to do).

What are your team goals for the second half of 2020?

My goals for the second half of the year are to:

  1. Ensure our customers see value from their Demandbase solutions.
  2. Encourage customers to see their Customer Success Manager as a strategic advisor and ABM expert, who they can turn to achieve stronger results.
  3. Align all of our internal conversations around business goals and objectives to ensure every one of our campaigns and programs are successful.
What’s your favorite customer story?

My favorite customer story is from a company I’ve worked with ever since I joined Demandbase. I started out as their CSM and partnered with them for over four years to help them grow their ABM maturity.

They started out as a company that viewed ABM only as an analytics insights driver to one that deploys full-funnel ABM programs. Today, they integrate account-based advertising, onsite personalization, and tailored chat in their marketing programs, nurturing accounts through the pipeline. In one campaign, we were able to generate over $1M in open opportunities from net new accounts.

What’s one thing you want our customers to know about you?

I didn’t always know what I was meant to do.

In my career, I have tried event planning, public relations, and advertising, but it wasn’t until I started managing accounts and customer relationships that I found my passion. I find joy in building relationships and helping others achieve success and happiness both through work and my personal life.

A little over two years ago, my husband and I welcomed a baby boy, I have never experienced as much joy as I do with motherhood. Being a mother has taught me patience, but also to keep trying and keep learning. I’ve taken these learning back with me and will continue to coach my team to keep trying, keep learning, and keep innovating.

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