Looking Inward to Do Better

Over the past week and a half, since George Floyd was murdered on May 25, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about topics that have always felt important but left me questioning how to make a difference. I now realize, as a person in a position of privilege, as a person leading a company, and simply as a human being, I must speak out against racism, and speak out for Black rights. I must also ensure Demandbase changes in very specific ways so that we become more diverse and inclusive.

Although well-intentioned in our desire to become a more diverse organization, we simply have not made enough progress in doing so. To make sure we succeed in this goal, moving forward we will do two important things:

  • Work with outside experts to educate us on attracting and cultivating diverse talent.
  • Put this objective—improving diversity and supporting Black rights—on the level of our other annual corporate objectives, tracking it using OKRs (objectives and key results) as we do all strategic objectives, to hold ourselves accountable, grade performance, and drive constant improvement.

As part of this critical growth, Demandbase leadership will commit to educating ourselves on the issues of racism and Black rights. I now know it’s not enough to simply believe you’re not a racist, the issues are so deep-rooted, so complex, that you have to actively educate yourself to begin to understand how to make a difference. We will commit to providing our employees with the resources to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion so that we all feel more empowered to make a real and meaningful difference.

The Demandbase culture is deeply rooted in philanthropy, supporting many important causes, including Girl Rising, Rise Against Hunger, United Way, and The Challenged Athletes Foundation. Moving forward, we will use this core competency and cultural strength, focusing it on organizations specifically dedicated to Black rights.

Finally, Demandbase has a zero tolerance for discrimination, hate, or acts of prejudice. We stand collectively in support of change, diversity, and Black rights—no longer remaining silent, we accept the responsibility to speak out and act.

CEO, Demandbase

As the Chief Executive Officer of Demandbase, I'm responsible for fulfilling the company's mission of transforming how B2B companies go-to-market. Since joining Demandbase in 2012, I've been committed to setting the product and corporate strategy for the company. Throughout my two-plus decade career, I've held various leadership positions, including managing world-class customer service and sales teams at IDG and other leading publishers. I received my BA in Comparative Literature and Russian Language and Literature from Brown University.