Introducing the Demandbase Agency Partner Program

When a B2B company decides to hire an agency, they’re looking for an organization that has a deep understanding of the B2B landscape. But because the landscape is always evolving and changing, it’s difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies. This is especially true when it comes to Account-Based Marketing (ABM), which requires a transition and transformation from traditional demand generation techniques. With ABM, not only are you embracing a new methodology, you’re also establishing new metrics and accountabilities while navigating the sea of new technology vendors. As a B2B agency, it’s your responsibility to your clients to be on the forefront of ABM, from principles to solutions. As such, it’s imperative that you are partnered with the right vendors.

As the leader in the ABM technology space, we’ve been that trusted partner for agencies such as Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide, Edelman Digital, Doremus, DWA and PJA, and have helped them understand the guiding principles and practices of ABM through workshops, certifications and product playbooks. We’ve also worked with them together with their clients to ensure success with their ABM implementation. We’re now taking that agency partner success to roll out our global agency partner program.

The Program

When you become a Demandbase agency partner (more details here), you’ll not only get all of our ABM secret sauce, you’ll also get the support, training and resources you need to help your B2B clients successfully implement and leverage ABM. From ABM certification and Demandbase solutions workshops to our step-by-step guides that break down every aspect of the strategy, you’ll have everything you need to successfully drive ABM adoption and measurable revenue growth with your clients.

We’ll also walk you through the entire ABM landscape and provide detail key vendor differentiation in the space. Plus, you’ll get training on our products, early access to new features and functionalities and opportunities for joint marketing programs to drive business and results. We’re also introducing the Demandbase Partner Development Center, a portal to all things ABM and Demandbase, where you’ll find the resources, tips and best practices to help you stay-up-to-date on our solution suite and methodology.

If you’re a B2B agency that’s looking for the right ABM partner for you, look no further than Demandbase. We’re here for you.