Introducing the Future of Account-Based Marketing

Last week marked an incredibly important moment in Demandbase history. We officially announced our new ABM platform and celebrated its launch surrounded by our customers and partners (We even got the Blue Angels to make an appearance.) It was great to see the response and hear their thoughts on both the platform and the future of ABM. During the event, I also got the opportunity to chat with one of our partners, Mike Kostow, SVP & GM of Salesforce Pardot. Mike shared his perspective on the new platform and what its arrival really means for B2B landscape.

According to Mike, we’re at an inflection point when it comes to ABM. The strategy’s moved beyond the early adopters and companies from across industries are plunging into the ABM waters. But as more marketers are building out their ABM programs, they’re struggling to find a single source of truth for their efforts. That’s because, until recently, there hasn’t been a single end-to-end platform for ABM. Instead, B2B marketers have had to rely on multiple point solutions to string together their strategy. That isn’t to say they haven’t seen success—we’ve seen numerous companies drive incredible results in certain areas of ABM. But to see true success across the funnel, marketers need the ability to connect all their technologies and tie them together to a single consistent data model.

The Demandbase ABM platform does exactly that for B2B marketers. It brings together advertising, marketing and sales technology and ties them together with one common data model that extends across CRM and gives marketers the ability to measure performance from first touch to close. We’ve built our core Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology on top of that data and it spans across our three solution areas, Targeting, Engagement and Conversion. Now B2B marketers have the ability to measure a baseline, identify their key accounts, create audiences, and run programs to target, engage and convert them, all in one single, easy to use platform.

The ABM platform is the net result of a lot infrastructure work. Over the past few years, we’ve invested heavily in data and have worked to build out one of the most comprehensive B2B databases. With the new ABM platform, we’re now able to connect all of this data together at an account level. Beyond just knowing a company’s name, marketers can identify key stakeholders and understand what their needs are based on what they’re reading and writing about. Using these insights, marketers can target, engage and convert their accounts more effectively.

The ABM platform is the beginning of a new stage of growth for Demandbase. Now that we have the platform in place, our pace of innovation is only going to increase. In the next few months, we’ll be rolling out new functionality and features on a more frequent basis. We’re also going to continue to double down on Artificial Intelligence and focus our efforts on delivering recommended actions for individual target accounts. There’s a lot of work and innovation ahead, and I couldn’t be more excited to continue down the ABM journey with the Demandbase team.