Infographic: Tying Account-Based Advertising to Decision-Makers

Recently, Demandbase and Integrate surveyed 500 B2B marketers to learn more about how they are implementing, executing and measuring their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. As we combed through the research, we realized that while ABM is gaining traction in the marketplace, B2B marketers still struggle to identify specific decision-makers within targeted in-market accounts.

That’s why we set out to bridge this gap. We’ve partnered with Integrate Inc. to provide B2B marketers an automated process to generate high-value leads from decision-makers at specific target accounts showing elevated interest. This process allows B2B marketers to combine Account-Based Advertising, targeting the accounts most important to them, with a predictable, highly accurate lead-gen engine. But as a marketer myself, the thing I value above all is efficiency. This feature injects leads automatically into your Marketing Automation System, allowing you to nurture or qualify leads using your existing process.

Check out the survey results and more about our partnership in this Infographic:

tying accounts decision makers infographic

If you’re interested in learning more about the role Demandbase and Integrate can play in your ABM strategy, we’re hosting a webinar together on March 30th. You can register here.