How To: Website Personalization in Minutes, Hours, and Weeks (Part 2)

We’re continuing our journey with website personalization and talking about how you can make an impact for your customer immediately. We’ve broken up the ABM tactics into what you can within seconds, minutes, and weeks to create a customized experience.

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What Can You Do for Website Personalization in An Hour? Answer: A Lot!

Now that you have some super-quick wins under your belt, let’s devote an hour or two to a few other personalization options. Taking the opportunity to highlight your existing content can make a big difference, even with a short amount of time. This is the next step, and it may require a bit more time. Now, you’re going to focus on swapping out existing assets you have within existing content areas of your site to get them in front of the right people at the right time.

1) Content Merchandising
It’s likely on your homepage you have a few key areas where you merchandise popular top-of-funnel content. Generally, these have a headline, blurb, image, and link. Let’s change them up to make it more relevant to your visitor.

Don’t have specific vertical marketing assets? Perhaps you have products that are better suited for different industries or company sizes. Swap out eBooks or promote product pages for those segments.

2) Case Studies
As marketers, we know we’re influenced by our peers. That’s why we include logos and case studies on high-traffic pages. Make these sections work harder with just an hour of website personalization work. Create a group of companies that will feel like peers for each key target audience and then, make those pages feel more relevant to the visitor from that audience.

…And Even More Ideas!

  • Take a full inventory of audience-specific content in key merchandising areas and gather popular content to tailor audience-specific messaging (just like you did in the first exercise).
  • Mix up your homepage for a specific audience. Think about who’s visiting and what you really want them to see. Is it a particular blog post or asset for someone in the discovery stage? Or a current customer who should have a helpful article or easy access to the help section or a product login? You have the power to show them what they really need and want to see.
  • Make your page regional by highlighting events or news in a particular geo.

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