How to Use Account-Based Marketing to Raise a Round

It’s quickly become clear that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is ideal for driving high-quality leads, increasing customer investment and bridging relationships with potential partners, but did you know that you can also use ABM to help raise your next funding round?

When we were raising funds in March of 2013, we used the opportunity to be creative with ABM—identifying, marketing and measuring to the investors we wanted to pitch. And since we’re big fans of using our own technology, we incorporated our Account-Based Advertising solution into our funding efforts.

We started by identifying the top 50 venture firms and then sent targeted, customized ads to their employees. When they clicked on the ad, VCs would see customized content on the Demandbase website, including a real-time view of their own website and a personalized message.


We then tracked how often each firm was visiting the Demandbase website. Using account-focused web analytics data, we were able to identify the firms that were actively engaged with Demandbase. It also provided insight into when we needed to reach out with a note or relevant article.

“Just like in sales, when you’re raising money, if someone hasn’t been to your website in a month, the deal’s not going to happen.” – Chris Golec, CEO, Demandbase

As a result, we ended up focusing our efforts on the firms that were most engaged with our site, one of which was Scale Ventures, who ending up leading the deal.

While this is just one example of how Account-Based Marketing technology can be used to grow your business, companies are using ABM in more creative ways than ever.

You can read more about our approach in this Wall Street Journal article.