How to Sell ABM into Your Organization: An Interview with Matt Heinz

Heinz Marketing is a B2B marketing consulting firm focused on helping organizations identify and implement the sales pipeline strategies they need to drive revenue. Recently, they’ve focused significant attention on ABM—and have helped a number of companies transition to the strategy.

We caught up with the President and Founder, Matt Heinz himself, to record his experience helping clients sell ABM across the internal organization. Here’s what he had to say:

Know the end goal, and sell it 

ABM isn’t exclusively a marketing effort; it requires coordination from the entire organization. You’ll need to bring together key stakeholders from both sales and marketing, as well as key finance and operations leaders. From there, you can start identifying business goals, which are typically tied to revenue.

Here are some helpful questions to kick off the process:
■ How much revenue do you need to generate?

■ How much pipeline do you need to achieve that goal?

■ How many MQLs will marketing need to generate to hit the sales goal?

■ Are you retaining customers?

■ Are you able to expand the footprint of your offerings within your customers?

Once you’ve established these goals, you can use them to guide your conversation.

Understand that every implementation of ABM is different

You’ve probably seen or heard an ABM success story or two, but it’s important to remember that every organization is different—with their own challenges, budgets, technology stacks and politics. Your ABM implementation will be unique to your company, and will be centered around the goals you defined above.

Start somewhere

Making the change to focus on accounts can be the most daunting aspect of this entire process. The great thing about ABM is the fact that it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Instead, you can start small—by picking a segment (things like industry, company size, sales stage etc.) and running targeted marketing campaigns to test the validity of the strategy and your program.

Getting ABM off the ground at your organization doesn’t have to be a difficult task. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, we have two opportunities for you:

1. Download the Expert ABM Guide to Selling the Value of ABM in your Organization, which includes a Reference guide with talking points and FAQs, an ROI calculator to estimate and communicate revenue potential and a Powerpoint deck for your presentation to your stakeholders.

Selling ABM

2. Join Matt live this November on the ABM Ignite Tour where he’ll bring these assets to life and help you think through what matters most to your organization!