How to Choose the Right Marketing Automation Platform

how-to-choose-the-right-marketing-automation-platformThe phrase is painfully overused, but it’s hard to deny to that marketing automation has been a “game changer” for B2B marketers. And that’s not just hype: a recent Forrester Wave™ report on Lead-to-Revenue Management Platforms (L2RM) found that these technologies are a key driver of B2B marketing maturity and results.

According the to report, marketing teams who are using L2RM platforms contribute 10% more to the sales pipeline, do a better job of measuring results holistically and collaborate better with sales. They also have more sophisticated processes when it comes to campaign planning, lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring and performance reporting. Given all this data, marketing automation seems like a no-brainer.

‘Transformation” and “innovation” are compelling ideas, but when it comes to execution, you need facts and action items.

However, every business has a different, specific set of needs and no two marketing automation platforms are alike. ‘Transformation” and “innovation” are compelling ideas, but when it comes to execution, you need facts and action items. Fortunately, Forrester gives a detailed evaluation of the nine most important platforms in their report.

It’s worth delving into this report, whether you plan to implement a L2RM platform or currently are using one and are looking to optimize your efforts. Forrester calls out the importance of doing due diligence in order to find the platform that best fits your strategy, buyer’s journey, company size and revenue. In simple terms, marketing automation is not one-size-fits-all. Given the robust functionality of these platforms, it’s essential that you customize your toolset.

Technology has the power to produce great results, but without humans to make the smart strategic decisions and implementation choices, it won’t live up to its potential. Choosing the right technology is the first, and arguably most important, decision you’ll make.

And it’s a decision you’ll make each time you add to your technology stack. It’s critical that the technology you use supports your business and customer buying cycle, so you should never feel that you’re locked in to a particular solution. Take the time upfront to make smart choices – and work with vendors who understand your unique needs and can set you up for success.

Read the full report from Forrester here.