How Demandbase Uses Demandbase

B2BLandscape2Driving Online Customer Engagement While Dramatically Improving Web Conversions with Real-Time Identification

Demandbase takes Account-Based marketing very seriously, and apply the principles wherever we can. The Web forms on our site are set up to capture information about your company automatically, so that you don’t need to fill out as many fields on the form but we still capture the information we need for management and scoring. Web analytics are enhanced with information about the companies that have visited, and what they did while they were there. We personalize the site wherever possible based on the account you are coming from, and our live agents likely know who you are before you chat with them.

Interested in learning more about why we do what we do? And How we do it? You can download an eBook with the details. Some key takeaways include:

  • How to drive sales with a focus on marketing to your “sweet spot”
  • Extending account-based marketing and account segmentation beyond email and into yourwebsite and content strategy
  • Making it all work by combining your existing content assets,website, CRM, MAS or Live Chat
  • Actionable ways to think big, start small, and move fast to incrementally improve web conversions of your highest value prospects.

The following is an excerpt from the eBook, How Demandbase Applies Real-time Identification to an Account-Based Marketing Strategy


The website is the hub for all customer and prospect activity in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace. In fact, every single deal that your sales team closes has touched your website at some step of the buying process. Still, most B2B companies earn the majority of their revenue from a very small percentage of their web traffic—most often because only a portion of their traffic is in their “sweet spot.”

“Sweet spot” or named accounts share certain select characteristics with your best customers. By optimizing your website for those sweet spot prospects, you can accelerate revenue and entice more of those premium visitors to convert. As a B2B marketer, your team needs to rethink how you can convert more first-time visitors from your sweet spot accounts the moment they arrive at your site. If you do, you’ll see a staggering increase in the number of highly profitable leads that rapidly enter the sales cycle and become pipeline.

Download the eBook.