Good Things Come in Threes: Leverage Account-Based Marketing with Display, Video, and Mobile Advertising

good-things-come-in-threes-lgTo many people, good things come in sets of three. This is definitely true in brand advertising, where there are three main staples of a successful multi-channel strategy. The trifecta for reaching their target audience and maximizing conversions is reaching users while they’re 1) viewing websites on their computers, 2) watching video content, and 3) using their mobile devices. It can be difficult to create a strategy and distribute ad budget across these separate channels, especially when working with multiple vendors, publishers or platforms.

With the addition of mobile and video advertising to our display ad solution, Demandbase now offers B2B marketers a central access point for account-based advertising. Now, it’s even easier to connect your message across multiple channels and mediums, which diversifies the experience for prospects and increases the likelihood of a prospect viewing the message during their purchasing cycle, leading to higher rates of conversion.

Company-Targeted Video Ads

Leveraging Demandbase’s proprietary real-time company identification, brands can deliver company-targeted messaging in YouTube pre-roll ads. Pre-roll ads appear before featured video content. By using an engaging 15 or 30 second video clip, marketers can augment