From Our Marketing Team to Yours: Introducing Strategic Services


Part of the reason that we’re so passionate about B2B marketing is that we’re B2B marketers ourselves. We’re always striving to improve our products and customer experience, but we’re also working internally on perfecting our own marketing. And of course, we “drink our own champagne,” which means we’re constantly testing and refining our offering.

That also means we understand that the technology itself is only the beginning. The real value emerges when that technology is implemented in conjunction with a marketing strategy, then integrated into a platform designed to facilitate Target Account Marketing. A big part of our mission is to ensure customers can leverage the insight and analytics made available by this platform.

That’s why we’re very excited to launch our Strategic Services Suite, which includes the Target Account Marketing Workshop, Managed Analytics and Landing Page Optimization. Each of these three consulting engagements is designed to support customers scale their account based marketing across the entire funnel. What’s more, each is a service that we’ve used and tested internally.

In particular, the Target Account Marketing workshop was an eye-opening experience for us here at Demandbase. The half-day workshop, co-delivered with Christine Crandell of New Business Strategies, begins with a deep dive into a marketing team’s current concept of their buyers’ journey. Using that as a baseline, it guides marketers to question and refine that understanding – uncovering how buyers engage and interact with their brand, content, products and services. Digital has moved control from the vendor to the buyers, so it’s critical that a marketing strategy truly maps to buyer behavior, rather than guessing or trying to force a particular path.

Each member leaves the workshop with a customized blueprint of key gaps/opportunities and recommendations on next steps – including input on the technology that maps to each step of the journey. Empowered with this blueprint, marketing gets insight into opportunities for improved alignment and execution, from content mapping to their own business buyers’ journey to enhanced B2B web analytics and more.

Creating a new version of our own buyer’s journey and assessing the different ways and times each prospect might consume content was powerful – and definitely worth the work.

When we went through the workshop ourselves, admittedly, we went in with the assumption that as the Target Account Marketing experts, we wouldn’t have too much to learn. Boy, were we wrong. Creating a new version of our own buyer’s journey and assessing the different ways and times each prospect might consume content was powerful – and definitely worth the work. While it’s an ongoing refinement, what we realized is that Target Account Marketing empowers B2B marketing teams with innovation – with tactics and technology to better connect and engage with business buyers, ultimately driving a more direct impact between marketing and revenue.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring this workshop to our customers, along with Managed Analytics and Landing Page Optimization. Each is essentially a “best practices package” – culled together from our experience completing thousands of implementations with both customers and partners.

As we all know too well, you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so we offer Managed Analytics to ensure you have our experts to get you started from step one with the necessary insight as you move forward with your Target Account Marketing strategy. It’s a complete program that certifies your Demandbase Analytics implementation and provides a dedicated consultant to help your team set KPIs, build reports and manage the insights from your web analytics dashboard and tool.

And what do with all that insight? Optimize your landing pages, of course. Landing Page Optimization is co-delivered with SiteTuners, and helps your team improve the engagement experience for visitors across page elements, including removing form friction.

We’ve gained a tremendous amount both from developing and implementing these strategies. Learn more about which of these services might be right for you here.