From Marketing to Sales—An Intern Story

For eight weeks this summer, I was lucky enough to work on the Demandbase marketing team as an intern. Sadly, summer has come and gone and with that, my internship has too. I’m happy to say my time at Demandbase far exceeded my expectations. Want a sneak peak into the life of a Demandbase marketing intern? Read on!

Class is back in session

My first task was to understand how B2B businesses use Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to identify, engage, and close top accounts. Since Demandbase is the leader in ABM, I knew I had some learning to do if I wanted to be an integral player on the team.

My projects ranged from swag development to sorting through advertising campaign data leveraging the Demandbase ABM Platform. One of my favorite projects was a comprehensive ABM glossary. While writing the glossary, I not only learned about ABM, but I am able to teach others about it too! In Urban Dictionary-esque fashion here is the definition I wrote for Smarketing:

The pinnacle of sales and marketing alignment. This takes place when Sales and Marketing ultimately realize that they have the same goals, and so, communication from both parties becomes seamless.

Example usage:
Employee A: Wow! Sales and Marketing have really been kicking butt together recently.
Employee B: Yeah I know… it’s almost like they are acting as one conjoined team?
Employee A: Pretty sure that’s “Smarketing,” or at least that’s what I overheard the CMO call it in the breakroom while he was eating his bagel.

The alignment of sales and marketing—smarketing, if you will—quickly became a major theme throughout the course of my internship.

Oh, so this is how it goes…

I’m not going to lie, I was a little caught off guard my first day when I was told I was going to be sitting two desks away from the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Isaacson. I figured that the C-level executives had their own personal space, however, at Demandbase, that isn’t the case. I quickly came to learn the value of an open work space. Though I was just a summer intern, I felt like everyone in the company, regardless of their position, was easily approachable and eager to help.

Another thing that I found to be rather advantageous was how close in proximity each department worked to one another. I was often checking out what the rest of the marketing team was up to, ranging anywhere from event coordination to web design to demand generation. Overall, the best part of this internship was my boss, Stephanie Thomas. I loved how she often tailored assignments to my different marketing curiosities—including getting to write my very own blog post.

Beyond marketing, I also have an affinity for sales. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in between the two teams. I naturally started talking and befriending the sales reps. Through these interactions, I was able to learn more about their roles, and over time, we were even sharing the occasional marketing to sales strategies—living the core principle of ABM Strategy, sales and marketing alignment.

Chief Marketing Intern to Ambassador of Smarketing

Since Demandbase is a platform many B2B marketers use, I knew the skills I gained in my marketing internship would set me up for success in a future role here. I was also able to network with nearly everyone in the company. Building relationships and friendships beyond the office are two things that are very important to me in a job. Ultimately, I applied for a sales role, interviewed, and was offered the position to stay on full-time as a Sales Development Representative at Demandbase.

Throughout this eight week journey, I’ve learned how valuable it is to find a workplace that laughs when you print out a name tag that says Chief Marketing Intern (CMI for short), that wants to help you build your career and see you succeed and that is staffed with all-around great people.

Without getting too sentimental, Demandbase, I am so lucky to have you. Thank you for everything! I am looking forward to seeing what my future with this company holds and I am excited to continue my efforts in aligning both marketing and sales in my newfound, self-proclaimed role Ambassador of Smarketing.

Jake Clare
Formally CMI