Four Gifts Field Marketing Can Give to Sales

Four-Gifts-Field-Marketing-Can-Give-to-Sales-lgThe holidays are here and it’s time to start picking out those awkward gifts for your co-workers, which of course includes your sales team. Instead of a coffee mug, doo-dads for their desk or another ornament, imagine if you could give them something they really want: tools and strategies to help them succeed at their job. The Demandbase Field Marketing team has opted to take that route, and not just for the holidays. Here are four gifts we like to give to our sales team throughout the year:

1. Provide Them With a Feast of Quality Interactions

A good sales person can work a room with their eyes close. You can always spot the people at the holiday party who are in sales by the way they always have a story ready that relates to the interests of any person in the room.

Pack a room with qualified prospects from their target accounts, who already understand your service and your solutions, then watch the magic happen. Of course, it’s important to note that although there’s magic going on in the room, it’s not magically filled with quality prospects. Before any event, attract prospects to your solutions and upcoming event, engage them with relevant messaging and content to peak their interest and convert them with a hand raise in the form of an RSVP.

2. Show Them the Forest Through the Christmas Trees

Sales people are under a lot of pressure at this time of year as they work to hit end of month, quarter and year goals (not to mention prepare for the imminent arrival of their in-laws.) They can get overwhelmed and stuck in details. While they’re scrambling, they can inadvertently become inefficient and ineffective. That’s why it’s important to bring them a well-thought out plan that shows the big picture of how you both will work together to increase awareness, engagement and ultimately pipeline in their regions. With this peace of mind, they can focus on what they need to do and how they’re going to get there.

3. Pay Attention to Their Holiday Wish List

Listen to what your sales people want. In Field Marketing, we work very closely with sales people that have spent a large portion of their careers—and in some cases lives—in the territories you’re trying to target. Good sales people know their region. They know its population’s collective personality, what peaks their interest and their business best practices. Sales people have all sorts of great ideas about how they would approach marketing for their territory. Granted, sometimes their holiday apple pie dreams are a little too high in the sky, but they do have valuable insights that should be heard and considered. If you’re willing to listen to them, they are more inclined to listen to you.

4. Share Your New Year’s Resolution

At the end of the year, every marketing team is asked to develop their goals and objectives for the next year. Our Field Marketing team has a goal to help sales close more deals, at a faster pace and at a higher average sales price. By taking the time to share these goals and the plans behind them with the sales reps, we show them that what we want is the same thing they want. They understand that our goals are aligned with theirs and see how we can partner together to achieve them.

Gift giving during the holidays is meant to show people how much you appreciate them. Giving these gifts to your sales team this time of year will create peace on earth and good will towards marketing.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can give to your sales team on an ongoing basis, the Demandbase Game Changer tour is coming to a city near you and can help you create a 2015 plan that will keep sales feeling very merry all year long.