Finally: Retargeting That Actually Works for B2B


If you’re at all familiar with Demandbase, you know that we eat, sleep and breathe account-based marketing. Our mission is to prevent B2B companies from wasting their time and money marketing to companies that will never be customers.

That Target Account Marketing methodology is the foundation of our Company-Targeted Advertising, which allows you to deliver targeted display ads to a specific list of companies you’re working to engage. Now, we’re extending that account-based model to deliver ads not just to companies on your list but also companies who hint that they are in interested in you by paying a visit to your website.

“As B2B marketers, we’re only truly effective if we can consistently engage with the multiple decision makers who are involved in a B2B sale.”

This type of advertising should ring a bell. As a consumer, you’re constantly being “followed” by ads for products you’ve looked at on eCommerce websites. This is called site retargeting, and it works pretty well for consumer companies because chances are, if you checked out a pair of sneakers, you have full purchasing power to buy them.

If only that were the case in B2B, our lives would be a lot easier. Since it’s not, the average, consumer-oriented B2C retargeting solution isn’t going to cut it. That’s why we’re very excited to be introducing Demandbase B2B Retargeting, the only retargeting solution built for B2B companies, with account-based marketing in mind.

It’s unlike any other site retargeting solution you’ve no doubt heard plenty about. Why? Demandbase B2B Retargeting:

  • Focuses on accounts, which means you capture all stakeholders involved in a buying decisions
  • Listens to multiple buying signals to determine real buying intent at the time of peak engagement
  • Doesn’t waste your budget or efforts on accounts that aren’t likely to convert

Currently, we see B2B advertisers using retargeting technology built for consumers and sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns that will never deliver the leads the sales team wants. Demandbase B2B Retargeting is a solution that aligns marketing and sales by delivering ads and influencing the multiple people involved in a corporate purchasing decision. But not just any group of people – only those who work at the specific target companies most likely to buy from you.

Two of our customers, Computer Science Corporation (CSC) and StrongView are using the B2B Retargeting solution and are seeing some phenomenal results: CSC has increased website engagement with those prospects by over 50% in one campaign.

Nick Payani, director, global brand and digital marketing, CSC, recognized immediately that, “As B2B marketers, we’re only truly effective if we can consistently engage with the multiple decision makers who are involved in a B2B sale.” He added that by using Demandbase B2B Retargeting to reach target accounts at the time when they are mostly likely to buy, “we are exponentially more successful in converting our marketing dollars into sales.”

We’re thrilled with the success that CSC and StrongView have had and can’t wait to help other B2B companies launch retargeting campaigns that actually work.

That includes you — of course. Make marketing’s next move by learning more about Demandbase B2B Retargeting today.