Field Marketing and Partner Collaboration: 3 Steps to Pipeline Success

As a Field Marketer, my job involves working with partners. It’s a great way to tap into a wider audience, promote your event and solidify your position in the space.

But as a selfish Field Marketer, it can often translate to a lot more work. A couple social promotions does not a worthwhile partner make! Oftentimes, working with a partner is a lopsided arrangement: one team creates the landing page, the email campaign, the segment, and the audience and the other partner sits back and reaps the pipeline benefits. For many Field Marketers, it’s just not worth the effort.

We cracked the code working with Certain on a VIP Dinner in San Francisco last month. Not only was the work divided evenly, but it also provided us with key insights & account mapping for our joint target account list – information our sales teams can leverage throughout the rest of the year.

Here were the key steps that contributed to the success of this program:

1. Craft your story

Before you plan the event, ensure you and your partner have a solid story. If they’re your partner, chances are the story already exists. Read up on the content and use cases. This ensures that you will have overlapping target accounts in step two. When working with Certain, we brought together our Product Marketing & Content Marketing teams to walk through use cases. From identification to integration, our story encompassed the digital and offline event experience.

2. Build a Joint Target Account List

Forewarning, this step may require good faith on both parties. But in the end, it’s definitely worth it and has far reaching benefits for your sales teams—well beyond the event you’re planning. List your target accounts in a shared doc to compare and contrast overlap, where each partner has relationships and who will own outreach. There are 3 components to keep in mind here:

1. Your customers may be on your partner’s target account list and vice versa. This is important to ensuring a strong mix of prospects & customers. More importantly though, it outlines your mutual customers – they should be top of your list!

2. Your competitors may be on your partner’s target account list. In order to ensure a valuable event for both parties, you’ll need to disqualify competitors and non-viable accounts.

3. Align your reps. In your shared doc, list the Account Executive and/or Customer Success Manager. Broker the introduction between your Sales teams. Not only can they align on outreach (see step three) but they can build a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

After disqualifying, comparing and editing, you should have a joint target account list. Depending on your size & type of event, this list may range from 20 companies to 200 companies. We recommend your joint target account list be three times the size of your event. So for an event for 20 people, your joint list should be at least 60 accounts.

3. Coordinate your Outreach

Depending on the level of your audience you’ll need to decide between Sales/Customer Success invitations and Executive invitations. Our Executive invitations see a much higher response rate but this isn’t something that should be used for every event. If it’s an executive-hosted event, your event host should personally invite your mutual customers and top prospects.

But wait! If both teams are inviting the same titles, won’t that bombard your target audience? Yes, but this isn’t a bad thing. Your outreach should be two emails: one invitation and one follow up. When we partnered with Certain, our VP of ABM Strategy Jessica Fewless and their VP of Marketing, Kristen Alexander both reached out to the same people.

Our audience actually appreciated the dual outreach. In the busy world of email invitations and LinkedIn InMails, TWO invites from different executives were a signal to pay attention.

So there you have it: 3 steps to pipeline success when working with partners. Interested in learning more? Reach out to learn more about the benefits of Demandbase’s Partner Network, one of which includes working with our rockstar Field Marketing team.