Expert ABM: How to Build your Field Marketing Team

Field Marketing takes on a lot of different meanings at different companies. For some companies, it’s the regional events team. In others, it is a “spot treatment” function, designed to help sales reps with light pipelines or the Target Account team, that works with Sales teams on the most valuable accounts.

Whatever the current role at your company, under an Account-Based Marketing strategy, the Field Marketing team can be a proactive business partner to your sales team. Here’s how:

The Situation:
·         Field marketing is a reactive function, helping out where the sales team requests.
·         But is underutilized…not helping consistently in the most important territories to the company.

The Process (for an ABM strategy):
·         Map your Target Account list around the US and other relevant territories
·         Find the areas of greatest concentration (hint: usually major metro areas)
·         Next, based on your budget and headcount, determine how many cities you can reasonably cover!
·         Extra Credit: If you have bandwidth, add in a Strategic Account focus, with tailored plans to add marketing support to close the biggest opportunities for the company!

The Result:
·         Build programs quarter over quarter, in partnership with your sales team, that satisfy the need for pipeline: generation vs acceleration
·         Field Marketing becomes the consistent presence within these cities…running programs to provide momentum
·         When new sales reps come into a territory, field marketing knows the territory, the accounts in play, the pipeline, and has programs on deck ready to execute to help them ramp more quickly!

This is definitely going to be a new way to look at Field Marketing for MOST companies. And you may even need to hire different types of marketers to fill these roles. But at the end of the day, this type of field team will help improve close rates and improve sales velocity, making the sales team that much more efficient and effective.