Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About ABM (But Were Afraid to Ask)

As marketers, sometimes it feels like we have two jobs. The first is to doing our day jobs: generating demand, developing messaging, planning events, managing leads and opportunities, etc. The second is a relatively new development, but it’s no small challenge: keeping up to speed on all the innovation occurring in our industry and making strategic decisions about how to implement it within our organization.

One of the biggest topics in B2B marketing right now is Account-Based Marketing (ABM). In the past year, its value has become increasingly apparent. While there’s not much question about the potential of ABM to drive growth and empower both Marketing and Sales to be more effective, you’re not alone if you’re wondering, “But how do I do it?”

There’s a lot of great material on ABM (much of which you can find in the Account-Based Marketing Resource library), but if you’re ready for a crash course to bump up your ABM IQ, there’s no better than the Virtual Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B.

If you missed our Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B or attended but would like a refresh on the thought leadership, innovation case studies or ABM insight, you can experience the Summit right from your own office on June 16th. Eight sessions unveil new possibilities in B2B technology that didn’t exist before and you’ll walk away with actionable best practices around Account-Based Marketing, display ads, website personalization, and demonstrating ROI.

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