Drift and Demandbase Announce Conversational Advertising

Account-Based Marketing has always been about focused engagement. The days of striving for bigger, higher numbers and casting as big a net as possible are gone. Choosing exactly who you are pursuing and getting them to engage is today’s game. And with B2B marketing, the goal is to coordinate our activities – and our conversations – with accounts across all sales and marketing channels. To do this, the best marketing, ABM or otherwise, leans less on hard core selling, and more on engaging in conversations with your prospects and customers. So, when Drift came along, it was always a natural fit for Demandbase.

Today is a clear demonstration of this synergy. Demandbase and Drift are announcing Conversational Advertising which brings the power of targeted advertising and the impact of conversation to deliver superior results.

We know B2B advertisers spend a lot of time selecting audiences, developing messaging that resonates, and crafting creative that breaks through the noise. But too often, that initial connection is wasted, as prospects or customers bounce quickly because they don’t immediately see content that is relevant to them once they get to your site. Finding a way to engage those carefully selected visitors once you have grabbed their attention is essential.

Enter Conversational Advertising.

Gone are the days of ads that drive to form-based landing pages and outreach that takes days (or weeks). Starting today, B2B advertisers can capitalize on the interest they’ve generated through their campaign by allowing visitors to immediately start a dialog with the right people. Extend the personalization and messaging from your ad campaign to your landing page where you can tailor the conversation to each visitor’s specific needs in real-time. Delight them with the personalization and you’ll be there to answer questions or book a meeting when they are actively thinking about you. For the first time, prospects and customers can go from an ad to a conversation in a single click. Account-based marketers just got another tool to help them engage their target accounts.

So what do you say, let’s get the conversations started!

Learn more about the Demandbase Targeting solution and Drift’s Conversational Advertising.

demandbase drift announcement sept 04, 2018

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