Dreamforce FOMO, OH NO!

ABM Unleashed, A Virtual Experience

Dreamforce has historically been and continues to be a successful program that allows B2B marketers to engage with prospects and clients alike in an innovative, high-energy, and interactive environment. Here at Demandbase, we leverage the program to do just that for our ABM community. It’s an exciting time for us as we hustle to get our brand ambassadors Dreamforce ready — and our sales and CX teams enabled to spread the ABM word; as well as the ABM innovation happening here at Demandbase. We take ABM seriously, (like really seriously )so we are excited to seize and leverage every opportunity that we can in order to empower and enable marketers to step into, our step-up their ABM game and really unleash it.

This year, we decided to mix things up, and add a little bit more icing to the Dreamforce cake with the Demandbase ABM Unleashed Virtual Experience.

We recognize that there are folks out there who are unable to attend Dreamforce in person, and as true Account-Based marketers, we want to share the excitement and exclusive content that our Demandbase ABM Ecosystem partners and Demandbase subject matter experts will be discussing at the conference.

By the end of the week, attendees will have the actionable insights to really unleash their ABM ambitions and turn them into action. We have been hard at work curating a full-funnel content line up from Demandbase ABM Ecosystem partners from Marketo, Drift, Folloze, Sigstr, LeanData, Uberflip, and the ITSMA; as well as Demandbase ABM strategists that will enable and empower your ABM journey.

So, whether your suffering from Dreamforce FOMO, or just want to geek out on all things ABM from tech integrations, to optimization and scale, we have the content line up for you. Be sure to register today. Content will be unleashed starting Tuesday, November 19, at 9am Pacific.

Senior Marketing Programs Manager, Demandbase

I believe that every engagement strategy—no matter the organization or industry—has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Much like a courtship, you have to WOO, then WOW, in order to WIN your customers.