Demandbase Integrates with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Improve the Sales Process

The business of sales is hard. Sales teams have to start conversations, build relationships and ultimately ask a prospective customer to write a check. It’s difficult to find the right people to reach out to, at the right time and with the right content to garner attention. Let’s face it, sales can be a crapshoot.

At Demandbase, we’re aiming to change that by making sales teams more productive and effective. Our proprietary data can inform sales teams in real-time when one of their accounts is on their website, in the news or has spiking interest in their products. We compile insights and automatically alert sales folks across multiple channels. It’s a new way to really understand the behavior and needs of your target accounts.

Now that sales professionals have a new level of insight into their accounts’ interests, who do they reach out to? Enter our integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This integration gives Demandbase the ability to surface an insight with the additional benefit of reaching out to recommended decision makers right from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. From there, sales folks can send an InMail, start a conversation, build a relationship and ultimately close the deal. This creates the ability to surface powerful information that wasn’t previously available.

So, while the business of sales will always have some elements of a crapshoot involved, Demandbase and LinkedIn are giving our mutual users the ability to weight the dice in their favor.