Demandbase helps B2B Marketers channel their inner control freak

Data is the source of truth that informs and guides marketers’ campaign strategies. As data gets bigger, the actionable insights B2B marketers have at their disposal also increase. But the tools we use to extract these insights must progress as well.

What marketers need is control over this explosion of data.

This is why we’re excited to roll out Site Analytics, Self-Serve Targeting, and Demandbase Data Stream offerings. Together, these products expand our end-to-end platform and provide a combination of onsite metrics, customer, intent, and marketing program data to arm B2B marketers. We built these new offerings to empower marketers, content managers, and data analysts to take control of their data and create tailored campaigns to engage with their customers throughout the buyer’s journey and drive growth.

Site Analytics
B2B marketers need to accurately measure the performance of different marketing strategies and understand how target accounts are interacting with different pages and campaigns. Demandbase has always been the leader in identifying the qualified account traffic to your site, and now, with Site Analytics, you have the ability to turn this data into actionable insights in new ways.

Site Analytics provides deep insights into all of the actions visitors take on your site through an account-based lens. It enables you to gauge and pull reports based on whether or not the strategies are driving the right accounts to the right pages on your site. It also identifies new account segments to target based on their visits to certain pages.

For example, accounts who are constantly returning and reviewing case studies and blog posts are much farther along the pipeline than an account visiting the “About Company” page. You can use Site Analytics to work with sales teams on a campaign to close deals and build more relationships.

Site Analytics is available today.

Self-Serve Targeting
One of the biggest challenges we’ve seen B2B marketers grapple with is implementing new campaigns and optimizing inflight campaigns over time. Marketers spend so much time trying to gather, decipher and implement a campaign based on key insights that by the time it’s deployed, the window of opportunity has passed.

Created for demand gen and digital marketers, Self-Serve Targeting enables campaign creators to set up, launch and manage campaigns quickly and efficiently. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help marketers by making thousands of decisions every second. This includes optimizing campaign budgets to ensure it’s spent on target accounts, buying the most premium inventory on brand-safe publishers while managing costs, identifying which users at target accounts are most likely to be buyers (and targeting them as efficiently as possible) and more.

Using AI, we automate these micro-decisions so our customers can focus on the strategic aspects of their campaigns, like identifying the target audience and the right messaging. Currently, Self-Serve Targeting is only available through the Demandbase Early Adopter Program.

Demandbase Data Stream
Many of our larger enterprise clients often have to build their own reporting tools. Because of this, we’ve seen data analysts and data scientists spend hours downloading our data, reviewing and then uploading the data to their own platform.

Available today for the advanced marketing analysts and B2B data scientists, Demandbase Data Stream is the key to obtaining a new level of insight that’s never been available before. It powers customized reporting and dashboards in your preferred analytics tool, combining Demandbase’s robust data on intent and campaign performance with your own priority metrics. By merging the two, marketers will have the best-in-class insights of onsite activity, customer intent, advertising and more to truly make informed, data-driven decisions.

One of our customers told us about life before the Demandbase Data Stream solution. She could never find time to enjoy her morning coffee because she spent the entire morning importing and exporting data, digging through and combining insights for the day to help her team move forward. Data Stream became the weapon she needed to end her monotonous mornings so she can sip coffee in peace.

That is what we strive for. We work hard so B2B marketers can enjoy their morning coffee instead of wading through piles of data. We’re giving marketers back control over their day. By using AI and machine learning to remove the tedious parts of big data, marketers have more time to think critically and strategically. These three solutions enable anyone across the organization, whether it’s content marketers, demand gen managers or business analysts, to move the needle forward.

Do you want to take control back? Join our ABM Innovation virtual product keynote to find out how we can get you back in the driver’s seat.