Demandbase + Engagio: B2B Will Never Be the Same

I am incredibly proud to announce that Demandbase, the leader in Account-Based Marketing, has just completed the acquisition of Engagio, one of the true pioneers of the ABM category. Today is a huge day—for Demandbase, for Engagio, for the ABM ecosystem and for the wider B2B market. But most of all, it’s a huge day for our customers. As a combined company, we will deliver the definitive, no-compromise ABM Platform.

A “Dream Come True” for B2B Revenue Teams

There are so many things that make this a home run. Both companies share a common vision for the category. One in which marketing and sales teams start moving as one, with a single set of data and insights, orchestrated across the entire buying journey. We have also established similar corporate cultures, built on transparency, accountability and customer success. But equally important for our customers, we have developed platforms that are almost perfectly complementary.

Demandbase has created proprietary technology around IP identification and intent, with an AI and machine learning foundation that drives the rest of our platform – with a particular emphasis on account-based advertising and website personalization. Engagio has focused on 1st party data through seamless integrations with CRM and MAS vendors along with powerful, customizable sales engagement, and an intuitive user experience. This combination will be a game changer for both customers and the market.

Defining the Category

Steve Casey from Forrester wrote that “ABM is transitioning from hot trend to table stakes”, while Todd Berkowitz at Gartner projected that “75% of mid-size to large enterprises will have at least piloted ABM by the end of 2019.” But despite the adoption and future potential, the category is still poorly defined. What constitutes true ABM has not been clearly established — either by ABM vendors, or in the minds of B2B marketers. Demandbase and Engagio will change that — together we are already providing much needed clarity on what a world-class ABM platform must deliver.

  • A B2B customer data platform. This includes proprietary data offered through the platform, first party data from the customer, and third party data from multiple sources. The B2B CDP allows customers to ingest data from various sources and manage that data to create a 360 degree view of accounts — including intent signals based on account and contact level data. And finally, the ability to create and segment audiences used natively within the platform, or exported to other marketing and sales applications within a customer’s existing stack. Unifying the data is critical for aligning sales and marketing, as it gives both teams a common understanding of each account, the buying committees within them, and the insights needed to move them through the buyer’s journey.To create the world’s best B2B CDP, Demandbase delivers best-in-class intent, proprietary IP matching and 3rd party data from websites and advertising. Engagio delivers 1st party data through seamless CRM and MAS integrations, email and calendaring data and lead-to-account matching.
  • Planning, orchestration and measurement. ABM succeeds when marketing and sales teams map out who they want to talk to, what message to deliver across each channel, and how they are going to measure success. ABM Platforms must enable each of these across the buyer’s journey. This means translating the data from the CDP into an understanding of accounts and buying teams. Leveraging AI to identify relevant messages and help to automate the next best marketing or sales action. And measuring the ROI of everything so you can demonstrate business impact and improve your results.The combination of AI/ML based Account Selection, Dynamic Audiences, Audience Management and ABM Analytics from Demandbase, along with Engagement Analytics, Cross-Channel Automation and Buyer’s Journey Attribution from Engagio, make this an unbeatable platform.
  • Omnichannel Campaigns: Ultimately, marketing and sales need to actually do something with the data, insights and audiences they create. A comprehensive ABM Platform must have native applications to engage accounts and the buying teams within them. Advertising (including a DSP built specifically for B2B), site personalization and sales execution are now essential. In addition to native applications, a comprehensive ABM platform must have out-of-the-box integrations with a customer’s existing tech stack.Demandbase leads the category with Account-Based Advertising and Website Personalization, while Engagio includes the most robust and customizable sales engagement solution available. Combined with integrations to 3rd party vendors that make your tech stack even more valuable, this is a truly comprehensive platform.
  • An AI/ML-based technology foundation. AI and Machine Learning are absolutely essential to help synthesize the enormous amount of data required to understand intent signals and other account-based insights. Additionally, this technology is essential for ABM platforms to deliver personalized content in real time at scale.
  • An Intuitive User Experience. B2B technology users no longer tolerate opaque, challenging UIs. The user experience must replicate the product experiences found in B2C applications. And in order to maximize productivity, B2B technologies should be understood without extensive product training. Engagio has built an intuitive user experience that is immediately familiar to anyone who has used marketing automation, making B2B marketers more productive from the first day.

Comprehensive Account-Based Marketing Platform

The Future of B2B
Our teams are already hard at work building the next generation B2B martech platform. One that spans people and accounts. One that manages the complete buyer’s journey. One that is truly omnichannel—from ads to personalization to sales activity. And one that truly unifies sales and marketing so companies can acquire, grow and retain the accounts that matter most. We will have more announcements along the way, but we plan to deliver an integrated platform by the end of the year.

One Team. One Mission.
A major part of my excitement is based on the extraordinary talent we will be welcoming to Demandbase, starting with the co-founders, Jon Miller and Brian Babcock. Jon will join us as Chief Product Officer. This is a perfect role for Jon, as he’ll be able to rely on his incredible experience as co-founder of Marketo, and CEO of Engagio, to help us build the next generation B2B martech platform. Brian will join as Chief Technology Officer, where he will bring Demandbase the magic that created the most intuitive user experience on the market at Engagio.

Together, we will truly transform the way B2B companies go to market.

Don’t miss the webinar to learn more about the no-compromise ABM Platform.

CEO, Demandbase

As the Chief Executive Officer of Demandbase, I'm responsible for fulfilling the company's mission of transforming how B2B companies go-to-market. Since joining Demandbase in 2012, I've been committed to setting the product and corporate strategy for the company. Throughout my two-plus decade career, I've held various leadership positions, including managing world-class customer service and sales teams at IDG and other leading publishers. I received my BA in Comparative Literature and Russian Language and Literature from Brown University.