Demandbase Customers Recognized for Thought Leadership and Innovation


We recently wrote about how Demandbase customers are making marketing’s next move and shared an eBook we created to illustrate their phenomenal success. We love to showcase the great, groundbreaking work that our customers are doing, but we have to admit, it’s always exciting when someone else beats us to the punch. It’s even more exciting when it happens twice in one month, as it did this September.

Both the BtoB Magazine Top Digital Marketers Awards and the ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards included a number of our customers on their list of winners and finalists. Each of these awards recognizes marketers who are meeting today’s marketing challenges with creative, innovative, interactive and highly effective solutions.

Of course, we knew our customers were running effective campaigns. Our customers measure their success, and ours, based on metrics such as increases in the sales pipeline, better website engagement and higher conversion rates. They’re meeting and exceeding their quarterly goals and positioning themselves as critical links in the revenue chain because they’re doing target account marketing.

It allows them to focus on their most valued customers and prospects with a fully connected, end-to-end strategy that’s programmatic and enables targeted lifecycle management for all accounts. Essentially, they’re working smarter, getting far better results and proving their immense worth to boards and exec teams.

But as these two awards illustrate, the marketing campaigns our customers run have relevance beyond the walls of just their own organizations. The world of B2B marketing is rapidly transforming, and those who succeed are not just going to market better, they’re going to market differently. By creating innovative technology, we empower our customers to be innovators as well. Our customers are not just adding value to their own companies, they’re also standing out as industry thought leaders.

In fact, that’s exactly what they’re being recognized for by BtoB Magazine and the ITSMA.

About the Awards:

The BtoB Magazine Top Digital Marketing Awards honor 25 B2B marketers who are excelling in the interactive arena. The company’s editorial staff select winners “based on criteria including strong interactive vision and strategy as part of their overall marketing efforts; innovative use of digital technologies; and proven results.”

Our customers VMware, Cisco, HP, Dell, Dun & Bradstreet, Intel, Microsoft, EMC, IBM, Motorola, and Computer Sciences Corp. were all recipients of this award. Each of these companies is being recognized “for their outstanding performance in developing innovative digital marketing campaigns,” according to BtoB Magazine.

The ITSMA 2013 Marketing Excellence Awards recently released the list of this year’s finalist, which included our customers Deloitte, HCL, IBM, Optum, Cisco, CSC, HP and VMware. According to Dave Munn, President and CEO of ITSMA, “This year’s applicant pool was the biggest and most competitive we’ve ever had.” The companies who made the cut were the ones who truly excelled in the four essential areas of marketing: planning, execution, innovation, and measurable business impact. Munn also noted that this year’s finalists were advancing marketing’s role by tracking and measuring their success, thereby proving the business impact of their initiatives.

We’re very proud of our customers not only for the business success they’ve had, but also for leading the wave of next generation marketing. They’ve made marketing’s next move with target account marketing and they’re being widely recognized for it.

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Written by Rachel Balik.