Demandbase B2B Retargeting Haikus


Maybe it’s our short attention span, or maybe it’s our highly sophisticated appreciation for fine poetry. Whatever the reason, we love the haiku series on SiriusDecision’s blog, especially the ones on account-based marketing that Jonathan Block posted a few weeks ago. We couldn’t help but be inspired to try our hand at some haikus of our own. This week, our fair muse is none other than our newly launched, Demandbase B2B Retargeting solution.

B2B has changed.
Buyers are shy, but they care.
How will you reach them?

Retarget them all
Poor use of time and money
There’s a better way.

Cookies are no good
Unless they’re chocolate chip
Track buying signals.

Companies visit.
We identify, serve ads.
Engagement happens.

B2C ad tech?
Good for sneakers, not your stuff.
Don’t cry. Talk to us.