Demandbase ABM Platform Wins Gold Award

Today I’m pleased to announce that our Account-Based Marketing (ABM) technology has won a new accolade! The Demandbase ABM Platform won Gold for Innovations in Technology in the 10th Annual 2018 Golden Bridge Awards’ Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations category.

With the launch of our next-generation ABM Platform just about a year ago, Demandbase became the only company to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for B2B marketers helping companies discover businesses in-market for their solutions, attract them to their web properties with personalized experiences, and then converting engagement into leads, pipeline and revenue measured in the CRM system.

At the time of the launch, I noted that what had been missing from ABM technology was an integrated platform that makes it easier to seamlessly implement, execute and grow ABM programs. What made this all possible is our massive B2B data set including real-time intent that is housed in an AI-based platform—with fully integrated targeting, engagement and sales conversion solutions. I am confident this will set Demandbase apart for many years to come and this award acknowledges that the technology is now available to make it happen.

Today, our solution is being used by the world’s largest and fastest growing companies. Customers like BlackLine, who compared life before the Demandbase ABM Platform to looking into muddy water. BlackLine uses our technology to target new industries and better focus their efforts on top-performing channels. As a result, the company has seen a 400 percent increase in demo request conversions, enabling them to massively increase opportunity generation.

It’s exactly this type of result that motivated us to expand the power of AI across our entire ABM Platform, and it’s very rewarding to have our innovation recognized through this award. But we’re not stopping here. In case you missed last month’s Targeting Solution news, read how we’re improving how B2B advertisers and marketers reach their buyers.

If you have a story to tell about how you’ve used the Demandbase ABM Platform to drive success, please reach out to me for opportunities to share your ABM efforts.