Being an ABM Leader Never Gets Old: Demandbase Does It Again

Demandbase is an ABM Platform leader, again.

We are pleased to announce that we’ve been recognized by Forrester as a leader in The Forrester New Wave: ABM Platforms, Q2 2020 report. Forrester first published a New Wave on ABM Platforms back in 2018, officially bringing the Account-Based Marketing category to the mainstream. Not only did ABM emerge as a bonafide technology category, but Demandbase was named a leader, a testament to the extraordinary vision of our customers, partners, and broader B2B community.

This year, the distinction Forrester has given us carries waves of deeper resonance. Because in just two short years since the first report, the environment of the ABM category is markedly different, with data-driven technology booming. Within the current landscape, Forrester notes that we continue to be an ABM platform leader. According to the Forrester report, Demandbase is out in front of competition in the most important segments of ABM, stating that Demandbase “leads with robust advertising, personalization, and sales insights.”

We went from category creator to Wave Leader.

In the past two years, ABM has graduated into what we consider it’s third phase of maturity. ABM has transitioned from the first years of its evangelical phase when Demandbase founder Chris Golec pioneered the category to phase two when it fully crystallized with early adopters who conducted full-scale implementation.

Today, as it enters the third phase of its evolution, ABM is recognized as an established marketing approach that’s table stakes for B2B. And marketers are keenly discerning about the platforms they use. (In fact, in a 2019 study by Demand Metric, 81 percent of respondents reported they had either deployed or were considering deploying an ABM strategy.) In the current phase of ABM, Demandbase has implemented a host of solutions powered by innovation in artificial intelligence, including enhancements to the art of personalization and segmentation (the foundational concepts of ABM and where we’ve received Forrester’s highest marks).

Customers drive our solutions.

Forrester acknowledges we’ve “built an impressive tally of customers, partners, and revenue.” But we recognize that to be an ABM leader today and in future years, we mustn’t rest on our laurels as an ABM pioneer or those most recently bestowed on us as a two-time category leader. We have to continue doing what we’ve always done: anticipate and respond to the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers.

In fact, our customers give us top marks and Forrester notes that “customers praised Demandbase’s site optimization capabilities and commitment to customer success.” Customers are quoted as saying, “Site optimization, which recommends content, has been a game-changer. We’ve seen a 2.3x increase in time spent on the site–and it’s easy to set up.” And they’re also saying, “Our onboarding experience is amazing. Our salesperson is more of a consultant and a trusted consigliere than a salesperson.”

Looking at what’s next in ABM.

The reality is that ABM specifically, and B2B generally, are about to go through profound changes. What makes a comprehensive ABM platform is becoming more clearly defined. And the days when B2B marketers accepted using two different platforms–one for traditional demand gen focused on lead-based, email-centric motions, and another for account-based strategies across complex buyer’s journeys–are coming to an end. Customers will increasingly demand a single platform. One that spans people and accounts. One that manages the complete buyer’s journey. One that is truly omnichannel, from ads to email to sales activity. And one that truly aligns marketing and sales so they can reach their goals together to acquire, grow, and retain more customers.

Innovation with intention.

The fact is, Demandbase is an indispensable part of the B2B tech stack. A focus on economies of scale during these unusual economic times and advancements in marketing technology have propelled ABM to be one of the hottest terms in the marketing space, and more B2B organizations are relying on ABM to move them forward. We’re honored to count many of the best and brightest marketing and sales leaders as our customers.

We’re also proud to be recognized as an ABM platform leader for the second time in a row. Seriously, being a leader never gets old. So stay tuned as we continue to innovate with intention and earn the distinction of being a category leader. Download Forrester’s full report here.

Thought Leader, B2B Marketing & Sales Strategy

I have over 25 years of Marketing experience in job responsibilities ranging from Branding and Advertising to Corporate Communications and Product Marketing. And I have deep experience in both B2C and B2B Marketing and managing large teams across international markets. As CMO at Demandbase, I was responsible for overall Marketing strategy and execution, including Product, Corporate, and Field Marketing. Prior to that, I was CMO at Castlight Health and held leadership positions at Microstrategy and Adobe. I got my start in Advertising, working at agencies in New York on accounts ranging from Procter & Gamble to Compaq computers.