B2B Marketing is a lot more effective when you know who you are talking to

SiriusDecisions Summit 2013

SiriusDecisions 2013 is here, and the Demandbase team is gearing up for our best show to date! Lots of time and planning has been put into our own integrated marketing campaign for the event, including our plan for how we will engage with key accounts to make the show a success.


So…. how do we as Demandbase grab the attention of innovative marketers through our Integrated Marketing tactics as well as engage our target buyers in a meaningful and relevant conversation? As the Director of Integrated Marketing, my approach is to help connect conversations with our prospects, and build the touch points necessary to drive accounts through meaningful conversations. Just like a personal relationship, we strive to build trust and prove value before anything else. Building awareness starts first. By being able to target only those key SiriusDecisions accounts and know which accounts I am talking to, using our own Demandbase technology, I am truly able to build an integrated campaign, connect conversations across our marketing, and focus my budget spend on those accounts that are my target.

But how does this really work? Here is my real world example of how I am driving these connected conversations using our own tools….or as we like to call it, “drinking our own champagne” with our own upcoming campaign to the SiriusDecisions crowd.

Demandbase Integrated Marketing Campaign for SiriusDecisions

Here are the steps I took to create an end to end conversation with my prospects.

  1. Create a set of target accounts for SiriusDecisions
    • Practicing what I preach as a marketing approach, we start with a target account list that in my case is based off key account data of profiles in our current customer base. By using an account-based driven approach, we have seen our conversion from inquiry to MQL increase by 3X!
  2. Build awareness
    • Display Ads: Leveraging our Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising product, we use custom SiriusDecisions display ads to drive awareness to our target accounts. These ads go only to accounts that are attending the SiriusDecisions conference and are personalized by company name in the creative.
    • Email Marketing: To further build awareness, we have dedicated emails to our SiriusDecisions target accounts, inviting them to our networking party on the Andaz Rooftop to mix and mingle with our Demandbase team.
  3. Converting to Demand is key, and our goal here is to turn engaged prospects to real demand, through valuable content and two key offerings:
    • Key Call to Action: On sight we are offering a conversion analysis to SiriusDecisions attendees, offering value and thought leadership to our prospects even before they are customers
    • Presentation Session: We are also hosting a case study session by well-known demand generation industry leader and Demandbase customer, Meagen Eisenberg of DocuSign, to learn how leading marketers are aligning their marketing efforts and tools.
  4. And finally, accelerating pipeline.
    • Executive Briefings: With many existing customers and engaged prospects already in pipe, it is crucial to help accelerate and further build relationships and trust through our Executive Briefing program onsite. We have booked an onsite suite to and appointment generating campaign to discuss real business problems with our customers and how we can help tackle them as a business partner.

Be sure you are connecting your B2B marketing conversations by knowing which accounts you are marketing to.