Dynamic Audiences – A Scalable Way To Reach High Intent Buyers Through Automated Advertising

B2B marketers are continually monitoring all parts of the funnel to understand which accounts are showing high intent, from site visitors who are new to the brand to accounts that have visited several times but can’t quite pull the trigger. These marketers know who they want to target, and likely already have a whole treasure trove of qualified target accounts. But turning those insights into actions is harder than it seems.

The hardest part is catching the attention of the right people on the right accounts at the right time. We heard from our customers and even our Demandbase colleagues, that manually updating account lists was time-consuming and drained advertising budgets. That’s why we decided to fix that.

Today, we are excited to announce the ability to automate advertising with the launch of Dynamic Audiences, which empowers marketers to optimize their ABM strategy and campaigns with the most relevant accounts based on intent and recent behavior. The new feature ensures marketing dollars are spent efficiently and puts the sales team’s mind at ease, knowing that their top accounts are being targeted in the right manner. Dynamic Audiences enables our machine learning algorithm to refresh targeting criteria automatically (e.g., ranking by account activity or priority) that previously could only be manually updated.

When we first introduced Dynamic Audiences late last year, we rolled it out to the Demandbase marketing team. Within one week, the team had more than 20 campaigns running successfully!

Since then, we’ve seen several beta customers using Dynamic Audiences in unique ways and at various stages of the funnel. Sales teams provided their marketing colleagues with their dream account lists. Rather than continually advertising to these accounts, clients used Dynamic Audiences to only advertise to these accounts when they were showing intent as if they were on the client’s homepage.

Other customers have used the feature for awareness-building campaigns in which the target list will contain accounts that have little to no brand awareness. Once the account visits the site, it is automatically recategorized onto a different list with new engagement criteria.

The best part of Dynamic Audiences is that this is just the beginning. The more data captured by these actions, the smarter the system becomes. Dynamic Audiences uses not only the data provided through the Demandbase platform but also unique client data that are relevant only to their accounts to fuel actions based on intent.

As the leaders in ABM, we’re always delivering innovative tools and solutions to help B2B marketers drive better business outcomes. Dynamic Audiences is the latest product milestone in Demandbase’s long tradition of pushing the edge of what is possible in targeted marketing and advertising. Like you, we continually seek to maximize the most out of our marketing dollars and are excited to bring our customers the ability to cut back the time spent creating manual accounts.

Take a moment to watch our on-demand webinar, where we demonstrate how to leverage automated advertising to maximize your ABM campaigns through Dynamic Audiences.