Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier of B2B Marketing

B2B marketers should be pissed. For the past ten or fifteen years, we’ve heard a steady stream of pitches that promise a 1:1 relationship with our target audience. Unfortunately, the reality has not matched the promises. In fact, I’d argue that the technology we’ve deployed has, in many cases, pushed us further away from that 1:1 connection. We fell in love with technologies that by their very nature, focused on volume rather than relationships. So we littered the internet with billions of ads and filled spam folders with millions of emails. As a result, marketers haven’t delivered on what we know our customers need—a more personalized, customized and intimate relationship. With our volume obsession, we’ve found ourselves further away from our customers. And nowhere is this problem more apparent than our most important channel—the B2B website.

As marketers, the website is at the core of everything we do. It plays an indispensable role in driving pipeline and converting and educating prospects, but a lot of prospects have trouble finding what they need and an average of 60% bounce after just one page. And when prospects get frustrated by the website experience, they turn to outside sources, things like blogs, social media, and other websites, which means you can’t always control the message, measure activity or drive conversions.

If we want to keep our visitors on our websites, we need to make it easier for them to find the right content. We’ve started to give B2B marketers that ability with our Website Personalization solution, which helps marketers deliver the right content to certain segments of accounts. And while they’ve seen great success customizing certain parts of their site for specific segments and accounts, no technology existed to help B2B marketers deliver a unique, personalized experience for each and every website visitor—even the first time they visited your site. That’s because we haven’t been able to tap into the level of data and insight needed to make that a reality—until now.

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve leveraged the power of Artificial Intelligence to expand our Website Personalization solution to include that 1:1 connection. This new functionality, Site Optimization, automatically recommends the right content to every website visitor.


Site Optimization is the first of many AI-driven product initiatives you’ll see as we move further into 2017. It uses AI technology to analyze a combination of firmographic data, offsite business/behavioral data, historic traffic data and real-time visitor behavior to understand each buyer and streamline their conversion paths. Site Optimization delivers hyper-personalized content so you can increase engagement and streamline the path to conversion with tailored recommendations for each visitor.

It also gives marketers critical insight into the effectiveness of their content and programs, which they can use to further optimize the performance of their websites.

With Site Optimization, we’ve taken a giant leap to helping B2B marketers connect with their customers. And it’s only the beginning. Soon, we’ll extend AI’s capabilities to other channels, such as advertising, reporting, and email.

You can learn more about Site Optimization in our upcoming webinar that explores Website Personalization in greater detail.

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