Are you a Data-Driven Marketer?

The term “Big Data” has been thrown around a lot over the past five years, but what does it really mean for today’s marketing teams? If collected in a meaningful way, with talented analysts and marketers to act on the analysis of that data, it can lead to improved performance and greater results for a marketing organization. If not handled appropriately, though, it can lead to confusion or even errant decisions that can point a marketing team in the wrong direction. In our video series on “The Data Driven Marketer,” our panelists discuss this topic and the pitfalls and successes that can be derived from analytics. Our panel includes: Caleb Whitmore, Founder and CEO at Analytics Pros; Jesse Nichols, Industry Solutions and Partnerships for Google Analytics Premium; and Amit Varshneya, VP of Consulting Services at Demandbase.

Part 1: The Right Data, not just Big Data

Most business professionals have heard about Big Data and understand that it can be useful in informing business decisions. But HOW to find those useful insight and put them to work for you is what trips most people up. In general, marketers are passive consumers of data, meaning, they don’t proactively shape the analysis that would be most useful to them. However, when they look into the data that is available, they can often find answers and make business cases for decisions they need to make. Going a step further, learning how to segment the data, and the audiences you’re marketing to, can greatly improve the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

Next up: The Need for Data-Driven Organizations

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