Announcing the B2B Marketing Cloud

Announcing-the-B2B-Marketing-Cloud-lgFrom the very beginning, Demandbase has been focused on improving marketing performance for B2B marketers. Our commitment to that mission, combined with a strong drive to innovate, has resulted in an expansive set of solutions purpose-built to meet the unique needs of B2B.

We initially recognized that B2B companies had unique marketing challenges when we looked at corporate websites. We saw that for B2C marketers, the website is just one prong of a multi-faceted marketing strategy, but for B2B marketers, the website is at the core of everything we do. In fact, 70% of B2B buyers have indicated that the website was the most influential channel in the purchase decision.

We began by creating solutions that would optimize corporate websites to accelerate the B2B sales cycle. We helped customers identify the companies about to arrive on their website with our real-time identification technology and made it possible to then easily personalize content for deeper engagement. Next, we helped customers improve conversions rate. Most of all, we helped customers focus their marketing on the companies their sales team valued most, rather than a slew of individuals with no possibility of becoming customers.

But we didn’t stop there. With a mission to improve the performance of B2B marketing, it was only a matter of time before we tackled the challenges B2B marketers face with online advertising, an industry that has seen so many incredible advancements – almost none of which address the needs of B2B marketers. We started with a plan to help customers reduce waste and target only the companies they cared about most.

Our advertising solution has grown in leaps and bounds as we’ve filled gaps left in current B2C offerings. We developed B2B Retargeting, mobile, social and video solutions. Taking into consideration the financial models that made the most sense for the B2B companies, we rolled out the first subscription-based ad platform for B2B.

And somehow, it seems all that work was only the prologue. Over the years, as we’ve formed deeper relationships with our customers, it’s become clear that while they’ve invested deeply in CRM and marketing technology, there is so much more value potential from these technologies. Customers need something that can connect all their technology and activity, as well as a solution that’s suited to B2B.

Over the years, we’ve been the leader in B2B marketing technology because of our expertise and our dedication to innovating solutions that solve the big problems. We are able to support some of the most successful global companies in their B2B marketing efforts. Up until now, Demandbase has served their needs by providing solutions to specific problems. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re offering our customers one cohesive solution managing and improving B2B marketing performance: The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud.

The B2B Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive set of marketing solutions built specifically for the account-based needs of B2B. It’s the first end-to-end solution that connects marketing technology across the funnel and optimizes it for B2B performance. From subscription-based advertising to website personalization and analytics, it gives B2B marketers like you an unprecedented ability to get a better return from your existing marketing technology.

At the center of the B2B Marketing Cloud is Performance Manager, an interactive control panel that allows CMOs to view and manage the marketing performance of their programs, from awareness through pipeline to closed revenue. It provides the first unified view across advertising, marketing automation systems and CRM.

But it’s much more than just data. It also includes the ability to build and manage business audiences, create ad campaigns, measure performance against benchmarks and surface hidden opportunities or risks to sales. Today’s digital campaigns span multiple channels, mediums, and audiences, and many CMOs have lost control of their overall strategies. With Performance Manager, they regain that control plus have the ability to drive and demonstrate results.

We’re marking this very important launch with another equally important occasion, our first annual Marketing Innovation Summit for B2B. Coming together today are like-minded companies who agree that B2B marketers require and deserve technology that is customized for their needs. They are some of the top marketing leaders in the world and are invested in its future. Check out the schedule to take a glance at some of our speakers and their session topics.

If you’d like to learn more about the B2B Marketing Cloud and Performance Manager, please watch the recorded webinar.