And the Winners of the Annual ABM Innovation Awards Are…

Every year, during the ABM Innovation Summit, we celebrate our most innovative customers and partners and highlight their Account-Based Marketing successes through our Innovation Awards program.

This year, the judging was more challenging than ever, as we received numerous outstanding submissions from a variety of companies across multiple industries.

On behalf of everyone at Demandbase, we thank our customers and partners for their award submissions. And now, we are thrilled to honor the winners.

Congratulations to the 2018 ABM Innovation Award winners:

The awards in the ‘Data-Driven’ category recognize companies that demonstrate an exceptional use of data to make crucial program decisions and to drive Account-Based Marketing initiatives forward.

Winner in the ‘Data Driven’ category: BlackLine
In their submission, BlackLine compared life before Demandbase to looking into muddy water. The company uses Demandbase’s ABM Platform and Engagement solution to target new industries and better focus their efforts on top-performing channels. As a result, BlackLine has seen a 400% increase in demo request conversions, enabling them to massively increase opportunity generation.

Congrats to Brandee Sanders, Rio Iwashita and the team from BlackLine!

Runner-up in the ‘Data Driven’ category: Stratus Technologies
Stratus Technologies completely changed the way sales and marketing worked together when they moved to an account-based strategy. With insights from Demandbase, Stratus has been able to approach future programs with data-backed confidence and see incredible increases in on-site engagement.

Congrats to EJ Schmidt, Colum Devine and the team from Stratus!

The awards in the ‘ABM at Scale’ category were presented to customers who operationalized their use of Account-Based Marketing across their entire organization and realized outstanding business results.

Winner in the ‘ABM at Scale’ category: SAP
SAP has grown and expanded its Account-Based Marketing strategy across the organization but they’ve done exceptional work to operationalize ABM and personalize the web experience for their many different audiences across North America.

Congrats to James Skay, Bill Tompkins, and the team from SAP.

Runner-up in the ‘ABM at Scale’ category: Optymyze
Optymyze has mobilized its Sales and Marketing teams to go from an almost entirely inbound model to an account-based model and has seen great success with advertising, personalization and engagement.

Congrats to Renny Fidlon, Sarah McGlinchey and the team from Optymyze!

The award in the ‘ABM Strategy’ category highlights Demandbase customers that have focused on alignment and strategy to make sure ABM has the buy-in and resources to be successful at their company.

Winner in the ‘ABM Strategy’ category: Limeade
The Limeade team worked tirelessly to gain internal alignment around Account-Based Marketing and it’s paying off. They’ve created playbooks, changed overall organizational structure and have gained executive sponsorship, all of which has contributed to their impressive business results.

Congrats to Jori Saeger, Kim Grego, Tenessa Lochner and the Limeade Team!

Runner-up in the ‘ABM Strategy’ category: Imprivata
Imprivata has aligned their Marketing and Sales teams in a way they never thought possible, thanks to their commitment to an ABM strategy. Imprivata does not believe Marketing can execute ABM alone; Sales collaboration is critical. The Imprivata team leveraged Demandbase technology and education to streamline their ABM execution.

Congrats to Mark Erwich and the Imprivata Team!

The award in the ‘ABM Impact’ category focuses on Demandbase customers who have seen measurable business results from their Account-Based Marketing strategy and execution.

Winner in the ‘ABM Impact’ category: HP
You know your strategy and alignment is working when you have Sales seeking out Marketing for their help on a big deal! HP has done so much work to see massive pipeline and revenue from accounts previously considered “cold, dead, & hostile” with the help of Demandbase solutions and an Account-Based Marketing strategy.

Congrats to Scott Canon and the HP team!

Runner-up in the ‘ABM Impact’ category: ServiceNow
ServiceNow took an ABM approach to tackle a competitive campaign. They tested three different methods all using Demandbase and ABM and then implemented the winner and saw ROI that was many times over their investment.

Congrats to Cindy Nowicki and the ServiceNow team!

Congratulations to this year’s Partner & Channel Sales award winners:

As part of the Demandbase Channels Program, it was our pleasure to present Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide the award in the ‘Most Collaborative’ category. Ogilvy CommonHealth’s commitment to excellence and collaboration with Demandbase as a full-funnel agency helped joint clients maximize Account-Based Marketing ROI.

The award in the ‘Most New Business’ category was presented to Just Media. Just Media’s joint account planning and Account-Based Marketing expertise won numerous deals in 2017 and most importantly, helped joint clients understand and realize the value of an Account-Based Marketing strategy.

Again, we thank all the participating companies for their submissions. We received such incredible stories this year and look forward to hearing more from our customers and partners throughout the rest of the year. If you have a story to tell, please reach out to me for opportunities to shine the spotlight on your ABM efforts!