Acquia’s Account-Based Marketing Mantra: We’re All in This Together

Talking to marketers about their relationship with Sales can be a bit like a therapy session. Although we all have challenges when it comes to working together, some marketers we talk to feel like there’s just no hope when it comes to making Sales happy.

A big problem that Account-Based Marketing aspires to solve is that frequently, Marketing and Sales clash because they don’t have the same goals. Sales is selling to accounts and marketing uses sweeping tactics to capture leads that are often less than adequate. At Demandbase, we tackle that problem with a target account list that’s generated by both marketing and sales. Marketing still drives the process, but Sales plays a significant role when it comes to finalizing that list.

One of our reps, Debe Rapson, wrote a blog post recently about that collaboration and also what it’s like to execute on ABM as a sales person. The key takeaway was that it’s not only a marketing philosophy but something that sales people need to follow up on throughout the funnel. Beyond that, it’s always exciting to check in with our reps and hear about how the work we’ve all done together upfront is impacting their day-to-day as they begin to build relationships with our prospects.

We’re also starting to hear about how other organizations implement ABM and learn about some really interesting (and effective) ways of uniting the sales and marketing teams. We learned about one really cool process that our partner and customer Acquia has implemented when they spoke at our B2B Marketing Game Changer event in Boston last week.

Like we did, Acquia made the decision to build a clearly defined target account list and build marketing programs around those targets. But they did something else that really stood out as innovative.

For every channel of standard marketing activities, including demand gen, inside sales, field sales and partner, Acquia had two owners: one from the sales team and one from the marketing team. As Evan Brett, Sr. Manager of Demand Generation, put it during her presentation, “We’re all in this together.”

In other words, if Marketing fails, Sales fails. And vice versa. So many of us are familiar with that experience of running a campaign or program and just crossing our fingers that the results will turn out in a way that’s satisfactory to our counterparts in Sales (or Marketing for that matter.) Acquia’s decision to truly turn members of the two teams into partners speaks to how seriously they took their target account list and how much shared responsibility there is (or should be) at every phase of the funnel.

You can find out more about the Acquia story at next Thursday’s webinar, but if you can’t make the webinar, you can chat with the all-star Acquia marketing team on Twitter. Both Evan and her colleague Claudia Hoeffner, Sr. Director of Demand Generation & Channel, are ready and waiting to answer your questions!