Ace Awards 2017: Honoring the Best in B2B

This year’s Marketing Innovation Summit was a whirlwind of activity and inspiration (if you missed it, you can get the highlights here). It was also the perfect setting for the annual Demandbase Ace Awards.

The Ace Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and honor the great work that our customers are doing in Account-Based Marketing, along with their success using Demandbase technology. With a record number of nominations this year, the judging was tougher than ever. The winners were chosen based on the following criteria: campaign creativity, innovative approach, business impact and ABM adoption and operationalization.

Congratulations to the 2017 Ace Award winners:

1) Digital Innovation: this award goes to a cool digital initiative that has demonstrated an innovative use of Demandbase technology.

Winner: Brightcove


The team at Brightcove relies on video to tell their stories. So when it came to building out their ABM strategy, they turned to video to reach and engage their target accounts. The result was a multi-touch digital campaign that included Account-Based Advertising, Website Personalization and Analytics.

Runner-up: Autodesk


Autodesk wowed the judges with their unique use of data, which helped drive conversions with their target accounts.

2) Account-Based Marketing Impact: this award recognizes the company that has driven measurable, impactful results with its ABM strategy.

Winner: Thomson Reuters


Thomson Reuters led this category with their end-to-end ABM strategy that leveraged Analytics, Personalization and Account-Based Advertising.

Runner-up: Alfresco


Alfresco impressed us with their cross-functional ABM strategy that included key stakeholders from Sales, Marketing and Communications.

3) Advertising Excellence: this award shines a light on the company who has driven incredible results with Account-Based Advertising.

Winner: Equinix


Equinix took home the Advertising Excellence award for their creative brand awareness advertising campaign, which started as a pilot before expanding worldwide.

Runner-up: Outsystems


Outsystems implemented ABM as a full company initiative. With executive support and buy-in, the team was able to roll out a multi-channel, highly segmented ABM strategy.

New: Supercution Award

Because the competition was so tight this year, and the work by our customers so impressive, we introduced a fourth category: the Supercution award. This award goes to the organization that has super-executed their ABM strategy and we were pleased to honor Host Analytics.


Thank you to everyone for your submissions! We couldn’t be more excited about next year’s Ace Awards.

If you’d like to learn more about our amazing customers, you can do so here.