Account-Based Marketing Meets Big Data

At Demandbase, we’ve been strong advocates of Account-Based Marketing for years, and it’s been great to see it catch fire in 2015.  I’ve met with hundreds of companies and thousands of marketing leaders over the years as they develop and deploy ABM solutions. And one thing is very clear: digital marketing programs are only as strong as the data that ties them all together. To be truly effective with ABM, marketers need to weave together data across silos which may reside at their agencies, in their web site logs, marketing automation and/or CRM systems.  We’ve dedicated a large part of our company solely to improving the quality, depth and breadth of our data with a privacy forward, open standard mindset. But data is a journey, not a destination. So we are always looking for ways to help our customers by improving the data that is the basis for our ABM solutions.

Therefore, I am very proud to announce that Demandbase has acquired WhoToo, a world class Data-as-as-Service company. WhoToo manages over 250M persona and behavioral audience profiles and has significant expertise in sourcing and managing complex data sets. This gives marketers the ability to customize segments and create well-defined targeted lists.  And the combination of WhoToo and Demandbase will give our customers the next level of detail on the accounts they are targeting, so they can begin to reach audiences based on job titles, personas and other segmentation. With this, Demandbase solidifies our position as the de facto standard for account-based data.

WhoToo has also developed a Data-as-a-Service business that gives marketers on-demand access to a wealth of discrete data sets. Fortune 500 companies and leading data management platforms, including Adobe, Oracle, Exelate and Lotame, get in-depth insights and knowledge about their target audiences, allowing them to provide highly targeted, relevant experiences for their priority audiences.

With the WhoToo acquisition, we’ll have the opportunity to create new Account-Based Marketing solutions that help B2B marketers reach the right people in their target accounts more effectively. In the next few months we’ll focus on integrating WhoToo data to extend the functionality of Demandbase solutions. I’m incredibly excited to think about the range of innovation we can drive as a combined company.

We have evaluated many data companies over the years and I believe we couldn’t have picked a better partner for helping us extend our ABM leadership position. The WhoToo team brings a wealth of data expertise, and I’m delighted to welcome them to the Demandbase family. I’m also excited to announce that Matt Rowlen, Founder & CEO of WhoToo, will now be leading our expanded data business team and will work closely with our product and engineering teams to further incorporate data solutions into all of Demandbase’s products.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the Demandbase community. And I’m humbled to have such a talented (and ever-expanding) team. It is their dedication to our long-term goals and customers that fuels our growth.

Stay tuned to see what we do next!

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