ABM Track: Dreamforce Day #3

As Dreamforce comes to a close, we’ve had a wonderful time hosting Account-Based Marketing (ABM) workshops at Demandbase HQ. Today’s final workshop dove into online advertising – with an account level focus. Our Director of Campaigns and Customer Data, Sarah Nels, shared best practices to help our fellow B2B marketers make the right advertising investments.

She tackled a common misconception in the B2B world: that advertising should only be used to engage and convert prospects. While targeting prospects is one component of your advertising strategy, it should also extend to your customers and partners. This requires you to serve up a unique message for each segment.

Before you start creating content, it’s important to outline the goals you have for each group of accounts. Account-Based Advertising is an ideal vehicle to target prospects (the list of accounts you want as customers); you can start by serving them a banner ad to try your product.

ABA also extends to your relationship with your customers, who you want to retain, upsell and transform into advocates for your brand. You can target them with display ads for a new product you are releasing and keep them engaged with the new content your marketing team is producing.  Account-Based Advertising can also be used to maintain relationships with your partners, who can help you cross-sell your product.

Overall, ABA can be used to support each and every one of your marketing campaigns. It can help drive the right traffic to your website, drive quality leads and ultimately gauge deeper engagement from your target accounts.

If you’re interested in learning more about Account-Based Advertising, check out our latest eBook: The State of B2B Digital Advertising.