ABM Track: Dreamforce Day #2

It’s day two of Dreamforce! Day one was filled with customer meetings, booth interactions, happy hours and of course our ABM workshops.

Today’s Account-Based Marketing workshop (the second in our series of four) brought together an abundance of B2B marketers, all eager to build and fine-tune their ABM strategies. As the discussion commenced, there was an intriguing question that made us reflect on the way we explain the mechanics of Account-Based Marketing: what makes Account-Based Marketing different from conventional marketing?

Our Director of Field Marketing, Jessica Fewless, explained that while some steps of Account-Based Marketing may seem familiar to conventional marketing, the goal of each approach is intrinsically different. B2B marketers know conventional marketing as a numbers game. It’s a very top-of-the-funnel approach that strives to achieve quantity of leads rather than quality. Meanwhile, ABM, focuses on producing targeted, quality leads.

So instead of running traditional “spray and pray” marketing programs (think untargeted billboard on the 101), your marketing team can zero in on the set of companies that are most likely to drive revenue for your business.

Also, switching to an ABM strategy doesn’t mean you need to restructure your existing marketing budget. You can continue to use the same budget you already have and run your marketing programs more effectively. Rather than attending a large number of events—where the audience may oscillate between B2B to B2C—you can determine which events your target accounts flock to. This approach provides allows you to be more targeted with your event strategy.

While conventional marketing is still highly prevalent in today’s B2B world, buyers are becoming more savvy and don’t fall prey to these tactics like they used to. With an ABM approach, you focus on the accounts that can actually benefit from your solution and add to your set of flourishing customers.

We have a lot more to say about the benefits of ABM. If you’re interested, drop by our booth at Dreamforce!