Summer Isolation Blues? It’s the ABM Innovation Tour or Bust

It’s getting hot in here!

We’ve just hit 90 degree days in the San Francisco Bay Area. And on U.S. weather maps, you can see red and orange waves slowly making their way up from the south. Even though summer is just a short horizon away, sadly, it’s not coming with a bang but more like a slow burn. After all, so many activities are off the table. Summer concerts? Canceled. Festivals? Vacations? Road trips? All quashed by the thorny crown of COVID-19. Thorny indeed. But rest assured, fellow marketers, at Demandbase, we’ve been hard at work finding the answer to a summer bereft of your best-laid plans. Mark your calendars for the ABM Innovation Tour!

A free, virtual experience open to everyone, the ABM Innovation Tour is sure to be this summer’s premier B2B marketing event. We’ve brought to the virtual stage some of the world’s brightest marketers and ABM Rockstars. The tour is all about showcasing what’s next in B2B, including Account-Based Marketing, industry best practices, and the latest insights and tools for B2Bers.


Check out the lineup.

We’re featuring leaders from some of the world’s best and fastest-growing organizations, including:


SAP provides cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions powered by technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, and more, to make a real impact on the world.


An action-oriented B2B marketing firm that was founded to help senior executives deal with the new accountabilities of modern marketing, Inverta provides custom, operational consulting.


The Folloze ABM Engagement Platform empowers B2B sales and marketing teams to uniquely engage, develop, and win their top target accounts.


Through the ON24 Platform, marketers can create and deliver live, always-on and personalized webinars, content and virtual event experiences, and capture audience behavior to turn engagement into actionable data.


Uberflip is a content marketing platform, which includes a framework for personalized content experiences. Users can include blog articles, social media, videos, eBooks into a responsive interface with CTAs.

Whew! That was a mouthful. And that’s just a sneak peek.


The tour takes place across four jam-packed days.

Because we’ve packed the lineup with so many awesome speakers and sponsors, we’ve broken up the tour into four parts, lasting throughout the summer, from June through August. Each part is designed to empower your marketing strategy, focusing on a specific part of the account-based journey, from identifying and attracting your key audiences to measuring your performance.


Here’s the tour schedule.

ABM Innovation Tour, June 24, 2020Day 1: Identify and Attract (June 24)

The foundation of any good strategy is preparation, identifying who your high-value customers are and what motivates them to buy. We delve into how to attract your fanbase and get them listening to compelling content that’s music to their ears.

ABM Innovation Tour, July 8, 2020Day 2: Engage and Personalize (July 8)

These sessions turn up the volume on how to prepare an ABM strategy that evolves with a modern audience. Hear from customers and industry thought leaders on how to create high-value engagement through integrated, personalized, and bingeable experiences.

ABM Innovation Tour, July 22, 2020Day 3: Convert and Close (July 22)

Intent is the new lead. Understanding early indicators of buying intent and other data insights allows you to develop meaningful conversations with the accounts that convert. Tune in and discover new ways that sales and marketing teams can master ABM to power customer growth.

ABM Innovation Tour, August 5, 2020Day 4: Measure and Align (August 5)

ABM is no solo act. It’s an iterative process that requires sales and marketing teams to be strategically and operationally in sync. On this final tour date, we explore how alignment and measurement fuel growth throughout every stage of your ABM journey.


Sample Performances

Each day kicks off with a headliner at 9 AM PST and lasts through the afternoon with back-to-back presentations. Check out all the acts (sixteen and counting) at the ABM Innovation Tour page.

What’s Up and What’s Next For B2B Marketing

Join Demandbase leaders, CEO Gabe Rogol and CMO Peter Isaacson, as they kick off the ABM Innovation Tour with some deep insights, fresh intel, and provocative projections for the future of B2B marketing. Learn how ABM is evolving to become the most important part of every B2B marketer’s tech stack today.

The ABM Feedback Loop: Convert. Renew. Expand.

Panelists from Uberflip, BusinessOnline, Drift, and Demandbase will share their insights on using ABM to create a scalable customer demand generation engine optimized for bottom-line impact.

 KPMG, ABM Q&A (Not Another PowerPoint. Been There, Done That)

Kate Levine, Demand Activation Leader at KPMB shares how they utilize ABM for Demand Generation, and how they developed their goals and scaled it into a full-funnel strategy.


Yes, there are A-listers, but it’s not just about that.

Well yeah, we’re bringing together impressive ABM pros with a fantastic depth of talent. But more than that, this event is about connecting fellow B2Bers with what’s going on in the larger marketing community. This is our goal for you: By the end of summer, you’re going to be a more powerful marketer. Point-blank and period.


Summer is for driving pipe and winning customers.

Usually, at the end of summer vacation, we go back to work to share the try-ever-so-hard-to-be-envied selfies of us sunning on a remote beach or scaling some ghastly tall mountain. That’s fine, but how about replacing those characteristic pics with something even more powerful. End the summer with the healthiest marketing proficiency on the block. With the latest B2B insights, you can help your team drive more pipe and win more customers. How’s that for an epic summer.

Ready to power up your ABM strategy? Visit the ABM Innovation Tour page to RSVP and build your personal tour experience.

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