A Better Way to Increase Website Conversions

When visitors come to your website, the more you know about their company, the better equipped you are to successfully nurture leads and close deals. Unfortunately, your visitors aren’t always as enthusiastic about sharing this information as you are about receiving it.

“It’s in the #cloud”

They may leave certain fields blank, give incorrect information or abandon your form if it contains too many questions. This puts you in a tough spot. On one hand, lengthy forms can slow down your conversion rate, but if you don’t collect enough information about your visitor, it’s much harder to qualify leads or put them in the right nurture program.

That’s why getting your conversion forms right is such a critical part of website optimization. Because we know how important that is, we’re always optimizing ourselves. To that end, we’re excited to announce that we’re releasing an update to our website optimization platform that makes it easier than ever to create clean, friction-free forms that capture rich company data on any landing page on your site.

The Demandbase Form Module attaches to your existing web forms and captures the critical firmographic data from website visitors, without asking the clunky questions that slow down your conversion rates. With the latest update, you’ll be able to leverage this technology from the cloud, which means little-to-no maintenance, easy deployment on multiple pages across your site and the ability to shift and change your other marketing automation tools (even your marketing automation platform) whenever you like.

If you’re currently a Demandbase customer leveraging our Forms module, ask your Customer Success Manager about a free upgrade today. For technical details and more on the latest features, check out our Getting Started Guide on GitHub.