7 Sales Prospecting Tips from Our Sales Development Team

A few weeks ago, our VP of Demand Generation was scrolling through her inbox when the following subject line caught her eye: “Interested in learning about ABM?”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Demandbase, you should know that we’re an ABM company—we offer a solution for full-funnel ABM and spend a majority (okay, let’s be honest, all) of our time talking about the strategy. So needless to say, the email generated quite a few laughs around the office.

But laughter aside, the email did make us think about how increasingly difficult the world of Sales Development has become. Not only are sales development reps on the front lines, generating leads and mining them for opportunities, but they’re also expected to provide value with each and every interaction. In most cases, that requires a lot of time and research to do really well. But for most sales reps who serve a large patch, providing this type of personalization becomes increasingly difficult, especially as they go after more accounts. It’s often what leads to miscues like the one above.

Fortunately, there are a myriad of technologies out there (including our own Conversion Solution) that can help make personalizing efforts and delivering relevant insights much easier. In addition to investing in technology, there are also several best practices sales development reps can use to make the most out of their outreach efforts.

Here are a few recommendations from our own Sales Development team:

1. Align with Marketing.
Marketing isn’t just a department you sit by. Partner with them for your outreach efforts and make use of their content, marketing campaigns and field events. In addition to working together for outreach, you’ll also want to create a feedback loop to drive future campaigns and content.

2. Prioritize your accounts.
It isn’t enough to just focus on accounts. You’ll need tier your accounts by important factors, including website engagement, intent data and needs and interests. From there, you can prioritize your outreach efforts and go after the accounts that are most likely to convert.

3. Reach out based on website engagement.
Invest in account-based analytics technologies, which give you a clear view into the types of companies that are coming to your website. Monitor this data on a daily basis and send out timely outreach based on website engagement.

At Demandbase, our SDR team uses our Conversion Solution to identify when accounts engage with our website, understand their website activity and build tailored messaging based of their engagement. These insights can also be delivered with email, your CRM system and other collaboration tools, such as Slack.

4. Rely on intent signals.
Leverage sales intelligence tools that can help you tap into powerful intent data, which gives you the ability to understand what your prospects are reading and researching about across the Internet. Use these insights to develop relevant subject lines and messaging.

5. Discover new contacts.
Remember that B2B sales involves a buying committee. So if you’re reaching out to a prospect who’s unresponsive, find other stakeholders at that particular account, using tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and start engaging with them.

6. Personalize outreach using relevant news.
Your first interactions with new prospects don’t have to be completely cold. Spend some time researching what your prospects care about, are writing about, reading about and include links and quotes within your outreach. Not only will you increase your chance of getting a response, but prospects will also be impressed by the fact that you’ve done your homework. Here’s an example of what this looks like from our own Conversion Solution:

7. Build up your social presence.
While optimizing email outreach is important, don’t forget about other channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow and engage with prospects on those channels, provide insightful responses and use these interactions as a starting point for conversations around your company and product.

The tips above are a good starting point for your outreach efforts. For more tips from our Sales Development team, check out the videos below:


Watch as Melissa, Matt, Ben and Brad share how they use our Conversion Solution to drive engagement and results.