5 Reasons to Attend This Year’s Virtual Marketing Innovation Summit

This year’s Marketing Innovation Summit was our best yet, and if you didn’t get a chance to make it, we certainly don’t want you to feel left out. Although it’s hard to replicate the excitement and energy of a live event, modern technology allows us to bring you something that’s almost as good as the real thing.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee and join us for this year’s Virtual Marketing Innovation Summit!

Here are five reasons to attend:

Access all the latest and greatest in B2B marketing

We’ve pulled together an exciting roster of keynotes and track sessions, with topics ranging from Account-Based Marketing, B2B thought leadership and innovation and technology.

You’ll also learn the latest ABM trends with a just-released report from SiriusDecisions and have an opportunity to analyze your own B2B marketing programs and processes.

Hear from the brightest in the business

Hear from industry thought leaders and marketing practitioners from leading B2B brands as they share their thoughts on marketing technology, metrics, content, social media and ABM.



Impress your peers

Start your summer right and walk away from this year’s premier virtual marketing event with a deeper understanding of your craft. From there, you can share best practices and new tactics with your colleagues.

Get your hands on bonus content

Apart from the great sessions we hosted at this year’s MIS, we’re also including a few new presentations and speakers. You’ll be first to see them!

Binge to your heart’s content

Finally, you’ll be able to attend back-to-back-to-back sessions on whichever topics are most relevant to you. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

You can register here.