5 Must Attend Sessions at Modern Marketing Experience 2017

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Renaud, CMO of the Oracle Marketing Cloud spoke at our annual Marketing Innovation Summit. In her presentation, she shared the details behind Oracle’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) journey and provided some insight into why B2B marketers are so excited about the strategy.

If Jennifer’s presentation is anything to go by, it’s safe to assume that ABM will play an important role at Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience. If you’re attending the conference and want to learn more about the topic, look no further than these five sessions:

Aligning Account-Based Sales and Marketing Around the Customer

Why you should attend: As marketers, everything we do should really come back to making our customers more successful. No one understands this better than the folks at Cloudera, who’ve spent the last few years making their customers the focus of their ABM strategy. In this session, they’ll share their experiences with ABM and offer best practices on how to align your sales and marketing teams around your customers.

Driving Omnichannel ABM Success and Revenue with Video

Why you should attend: Marketers have been hearing about the importance of video for the past few years, and it’s time we finally started taking it seriously. In this session, you’ll hear how Brightcove mastered the art of video and turned it into one of the most successful channels in their ABM strategy.

AI in an ABM World

Why you should attend: We’d be remiss if we didn’t include our own session in this list. Our CMO, Peter Isaacson will be on hand to share how technology can help us regain a connection with our customers and prospects—at scale. If you’d like hear some of his thoughts beforehand, you can read this blog post.

Define a Holistic, Cross-Channel ABM Strategy with Oracle Marketing Cloud

Why you should attend: One of the keys to successful ABM strategy is coordination across marketing channels, such as advertising, email and the website. In this session, the team at Oracle will discuss the technology, data and insights that make this coordination possible.

Beyond the Hype – Keys to Achieving ABM Success

Why you should attend: If you’re looking for some hands-on ABM content, we’re offering an interactive workshop that focuses on the essential components of an ABM strategy, from account identification to measurement. We’ll also walk you through the changes necessary to make it a reality at your organization.

We look forward to seeing you all at MME!