5 Demandbase Employees Weigh in on the Marketing Technology Executive of the Year

Every year, members from Direct Marketing News gather to honor the best and brightest in B2B. Last night, that list included our very own CEO, Chris Golec—who was crowned the Marketing Tech Executive of the Year!

Awards like this remind us that while it’s great to be recognized by people in our industry, it’s just as important to be recognized by the people who know you best. And who knows you better than your own coworkers? Since we at Demandbase know how great it is to work with Chris, we thought we’d share our thoughts with you.

So, we asked five Demandbase employees what they really thought about Chris, and here’s what they had to say:

“I’ve worked for many leaders over the past 20 years and never have I come across someone with the integrity and heart that I see in Chris. He’s transparent, strong (yet humble), a person of his word and he truly cares about people. The best part is, his values have become core to the culture at Demandbase, making it a great place to work.” – Lisa Ames, VP of Demand Generation

“My first week here at Demandbase, Chris noticed I was new and immediately came up and introduced himself. It was the warmest welcome I’ve ever gotten at a company. Usually, executives can be a little distant from their employees, but the fact that he noticed someone new and went out of his way to introduce himself—you could tell he cares about more than just the bottom line.” – Brad Buenz, Sales Development Rep

“I get a lot of questions about our culture from prospective employees. And the first thing I always say is that it starts with our CEO, Chris. His dedication to transparency and openness are apparent every day. From our weekly town halls to our open office environment, Chris is always around to answer questions, share stories and make jokes.”  – Landon Pearson, VP of HR

“I’ve always been impressed that Chris immerses himself in driving the overall vision for the company, as well as getting very hands on when it comes to driving our products forward. Chris is customer focused and spends a lot of time pulsing their needs in conversations—he uses these insights to really get into the details at the product level.  It’s great when you can interact with your CEO and engage with him in that way.” – Andrew Woods, Sr, Director of Product Management

“I have a lot of respect for the values Chris instills in the company. Since the beginning, he’s always said that people are the number one asset to making a company successful, and it shows—we have an amazing team, full of bright and caring people.” – Katie Layng, Senior Director, Advertising Sales

You can learn more about the awards and read Chris’s profile here.