5 ABM Resources for B2B Marketers

If you’re at all familiar with Demandbase, you’ve probably noticed how much we talk about Account-Based Marketing (it’s kind of our thing). And if there’s one thing we love more than talking about ABM, it’s helping our fellow B2B marketers unlock the right combination of ABM strategies for their organizations. So we’ve pulled together a set of ABM resources to help you on your way.

Account-Based Marketing: Fad, Trend or Paradigm Shift?

The marketing technology landscape is more crowded than ever, which causes marketers to navigate a sea of buzzy of claims to the address the challenges they face. How do you separate the fads from the trends? And more importantly, how do determine when it’s time to jump on the bandwagon? Our Senior Product Marketing Manager, Rachel Balik, argues that it isn’t about trends. What matters is how much success that trend enables for your business.

Is Account-Based Marketing “The Next Big Thing” in B-to-B? 

As ABM gains headway as its own category, analysts are digging deep into its leading companies and helping shape the space. In this piece, Megan Heuer explores the metamorphosis of ABM from fad to trend to common practice. She credits three factors to the rising success of ABM: technology, data and analytics and the willingness of Sales to collaborate with Marketing.

 Account-Based Marketing: The Key to B2B Success

Maybe you understand ABM at a high-level, and are really wondering: what do I need to get started? This eBook covers the basic principles that go into an ABM strategy, how to build a target account list and how your current marketing tactics fit into a broader account based marketing strategy.

Account-Based Nurturing: Strategies for Turning Target Accounts into Customers

You can use your ABM program to nurture accounts in the buying cycle and convert them to your sales team. This on-demand webinar will share a number of strategies that have proved effective along with data-backed examples.

ABM Workshops

If you’re interested in some in-person ABM content, be sure to attend one of our ABM workshops that are happening during Dreamforce. We’ll have a number of B2B marketers on hand, including our CMO and Director of Field Marketing, to share how you can start driving results with ABM.