3 Unconventional Account-Based Marketing Use Cases

We all know Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a tried and true method for driving pipeline and revenue, but what most B2B marketers don’t realize is that ABM’s talents extend beyond the realm of demand and opportunity generation. ABM has the ability to help you achieve other, important goals at your organization—whether you’re trying to raise your next funding round or elevate your brand’s standing in the market.

Here are three unique ways you can use ABM:

Sparking social conversations
When most people think of ABM, social media isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. But the truth is, when paired with the right strategy and technology, social media can become an incredibly important component of a successful ABM program. If you’re already practicing ABM, you can take the companies on your target account list and use it as starting point for your Twitter and LinkedIn efforts. By monitoring the activity of key stakeholders, you can arm Sales with actionable insights, which they can use to build relevant, engaging follow-ups. (We have a lot more to say about social selling, so if you’re interested, head on over to this blog post.)

Re-directing your competitors
As marketers, we spend a lot of our time thinking about how our customers and prospects will behave on our websites. But what happens when a competitor shows up? At Demandbase, we’ve seen a few of our customers leverage ABM technologies to identify and re-direct their competitors from their homepage over to their careers page. While this approach isn’t tied to any specific business metric, it’s still a fun (and easy) way to let your competitors know you’re monitoring their activity on your site.

Raising a round
The process of raising a round of funding really lends itself to ABM. Much like B2B sales, fundraising starts with building a list of VC firms and working closely with the most engaged accounts to close a round. B2B companies can take the same ABM methodology and technology they use to convert accounts and apply it to their fundraising efforts. Once you’ve built a list of firms you want to go after, you can deliver targeted ads to key stakeholders, serve up personalized experiences and track engagement.

How are you using ABM? Share your favorite use cases with us on Twitter @Demandbase, and we just might feature yours in an upcoming blog post!