3 Steps To Building an Account-Based Nurturing Program

We’re all well-aware that the B2B buying cycle isn’t as straightforward as it used to be – especially with all the research taking place online. But the big question for most B2B marketers now is: How do you go about nurturing these prospects if you don’t know who they are? Forrester Analyst, Lori Wizdo, explains that today’s B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research anonymously—all before talking to a vendor. As these buyers jump in and out of consideration phases, it’s hard to keep them going down the linear path marketers want them to travel, especially when they’re in the anonymous phase.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) provides marketers with an effective way to nurture prospects, increase performance throughout the funnel and keep their sales counterparts satisfied by delivering the right leads. By targeting whole accounts rather than prospects, marketers are able to reach all the key stakeholders at an organization.

3 steps to executing a successful account-based nurturing program:

account-based nurturing

Step 1. Identify the accounts that Sales values most and prioritize your nurturing efforts against those accounts.

Begin by:

  • Evaluating your current customers
  • Aligning with your sales team
  • Scoring prospects with predictive analytics

Step 2. Market to & nurture those accounts—nurturing is more than just a post-engagement strategy that focuses on individuals in your database. Nurturing of an account starts long before a prospect enters your database.  This isn’t to say that traditional nurturing is wrong or bad, just that as B2B marketers we have to start thinking about nurturing accounts in a whole new way.

Marketers can nurture accounts in a number of ways:

  • Account-based advertising
  • Account-based retargeting
  • Social Account Nurturing
  • Website personalization
  • Email streams

Step 3. Measure—keep Sales in the loop and show them which accounts are progressing and which need attention. Make sure they can see which accounts are being impacted by your nurturing efforts so that they can take appropriate, timely actions to capitalize on implicit interest.

Now that you understand how to do an account-based nurturing program at a high level, you’re ready to start drilling down into the strategies and tactics for each phase of the funnel. Get the ideas, instructions and examples you need in our on-demand webinar: Account-Based Nurturing: Strategies for Turning Target Accounts into Customers.