3 Key Lessons We Learned From Our First Twitter Chat

Yesterday Demandbase hosted its first-ever Twitter chat. Marketing leaders from Atmel, Red Hat, New Relic, Linqia and more shared their perspectives on the changing B2B landscape. Within one hour, we generated over 500 tweets that reached over 200,000 people!

Here are 3 key takeaways from the conversation:

1. Account-Based Marketing Will Become More Widely Adopted and Understood. 

Broad demand generation tactics will continue to decline in favor of targeted, focused opportunity generation. As Account-Based Marketing sophistication grows, we’ll see more marketers doing more cool things with more ABM technology.



2. Customer Expectations Will Be Shaped By B2C Experiences.

According to Digiday, content marketing budgets are projected to grow by 59% in 2016. With these budget increases, marketers will be pushed to create personalized content that isn’t just about their products—but about the challenges and goals of their prospects.


3. Sales and Marketing Alignment Will Be More Important Than Ever.

Aligning Sales and Marketing has always been a priority. But in 2016, we’ll see marketers taking steps to align their goals and their metrics with Sales.


You can follow the conversation here:

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