3 Budgeting Pain Points for Innovative Marketers

As an innovative marketer today, you’ve probably realized that much of the technology at your disposal doesn’t necessarily fit into one box. The problem with technology becoming more cross-channel than ever is that it makes budgeting for it that much harder.

We’ve seen this first-hand at Demandbase, as we’ve helped B2B marketers implement and execute ABM programs, and while every company has different challenges, we’ve pulled together three pain points we feel are particularly relevant for all the innovative marketers out there.

Pain Point #1: You don’t have a line item in your budget for ABM

Chances are, you don’t have a specific slot in your budget for an entire strategy.  So how do you add in things like website personalization, account-identification technology and account-based analytics?

Pain Point #2: You’re struggling to prove ROI

Proving ROI is one of those problems that never seems to go away. But when it comes to implementing a new strategy, it’s an even bigger headache. How do you make the case for a new framework when you haven’t tested or proved its value?

Pain Point #3: You don’t know how ABM will affect your other budgets

Today’s B2B marketers already have an average of 17 technologies in their tech stacks—things like CRM, MAS and CMS—which provide little to no wiggle room in their budgets. How will ABM technologies impact the rest of your stack?

If you’re going through any of these pain points yourself, you’re in luck! We’ve addressed all of these challenges in this webinar.