10 Ways to Amplify Your Social Impact at Dreamforce

The people you meet at Dreamforce are what make the event such an incredible and rewarding experience. So what better way than to make those valuable connections and boost your own personal brand than with Social Media? It’s an effective and impactful way to showcase your expertise and target key people that you want to build a relationship with.

To get the most out of your efforts, you’ll need to understand what content will work on your channels, and how to provide your followers with insightful, worthwhile information that keeps them coming back for more.

That’s why we’ve compiled 10 essential things you can do to make the most of your social media presence before you enter the madness.

1. Take a Look at the #DF16 Hashtag: Start by scanning through the hashtag as a way to identify valuable content for you and your followers.

2. Start Following Key Dreamforce Attendees: Take a look at the agenda, and highlight the key workshops that you want to attend, who the presenters are and start to follow them on Twitter. Here are a few basics to start with: @Dreamforce @benioff @Salesforce @TonyRobbins @mcuban

3. Make a Dreamforce Twitter List: After you have identified the key people that you want to follow, create a Twitter list so you can easily see all of the tweets from your key people all in one place. This will be immensely beneficial once you are at the event.

4. Optimize for Mobile: Make sure that your phone is locked and loaded with all of the apps you need (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat), so that you can post and respond at a moment’s notice.

5. Be Consistent: Update your social profiles so they are an accurate reflection of your current job title, an accurate description of what you do and even update your picture. This way people will be able to put a face to the name.

6. Use Your Own Words: Start to share valuable content that is relevant to your followers. Most important rule of thumb: keep it in your own voice. People want to hear from you, not some robot.

7. Engage. Engage. Engage: Don’t be afraid to start the conversation. Tweet questions to your favorite speakers. Reach out to key accounts you want to interact with. Share content and comment on LinkedIn groups. It’s all about creating a connection.

8. Know Your Channels: The content that works for Twitter won’t always work for LinkedIn. So use your channels wisely to distribute your content. For example, want to take a video of the Expo Floor or of the U2 concert? Use Snapchat. Want to ask a question from a speaker? Use Twitter. Pro Tip: Share visual content! Content with visuals get 94% more views

9. Schedule Posts: Use the week before Dreamforce to schedule posts. You might be torn between two sessions at the same time, so take a look at the agenda and schedule some posts ahead of time to widen your network coverage.

10. Fully Juiced: This may seem like a ‘duh,’ but buy a portable charger and have it fully charged before you head out for the day. You’ll probably be on your phone 24/7 so having back-up will be essential.

To make the most out of your Dreamforce experience, preparation is key. So, take these tips and start applying them today and don’t forget to stay in touch with your followers after the event to keep the conversation going.

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